Philadelphia International Records: The 40th Anniversary Box Set mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Philadelphia International Records: The 40th Anniversary Box Setby Various Artists

  • 175 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 12:40:00


Disk #1

1.Zach's Fanfare #2by M.F.S.B.1:06
2.K-Jeeby M.F.S.B.4:14
3.T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia)by M.F.S.B. Feat. The Three Degrees3:19
4.Message in the Musicby The O'Jays3:23
5.Sexyby M.F.S.B.3:12
6.Let's Groove, Part 1by Archie Bell & The Drells3:05
7.Back Stabbersby The O'Jays3:05
8.The Love I Lostby Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes3:34
9.When Will I See You Againby The Three Degrees2:59
10.I Love Musicby The O'Jays6:53
11.I'll Always Love My Mamaby The Intruders2:43
12.Year of Decisionby The Three Degrees2:40
13.The Soul City Walkby Archie Bell & The Drells3:10
14.Bad Luckby Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes6:26
15.Do It Any Way You Wannaby People's Choice3:16
16.Philly Jumpby Instant Funk5:08
17.Take Good Care of Yourselfby The Three Degrees3:05
18.Love Is the Messageby M.F.S.B.6:38
19.Show You the Way to Goby The Jacksons3:30
20.Darlin' Darlin' Babyby The O'Jays4:19

Disk #2

1.Win Place or Show (She's a Winner)by The Intruders2:29
2.992 Argumentsby The O'Jays2:23
3.Dirty Ol' Manby The Three Degrees3:14
4.Satisfaction Guaranteed (Or Take Your Love Back)by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes3:28
5.Love Trainby The O'Jays6:17
6.Get Down With the Philly Soundby Mfsb4:31
7.Jam Jam Jam (All Night Long)by People's Choice3:38
8.A Nice Girl Like Youby The Intruders3:29
9.If You Don't Know Me by Nowby Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes3:24
10.Me & Mrs Jonesby Billy Paul4:48
11.Wake Up Everybodyby Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes7:32
12.For the Love of Moneyby The O'Jays3:33
13.Don't Leave Me This Wayby Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes6:07
14.Livin' for the Weekendby The O'Jays2:53
15.You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mineby Lou Rawls4:29
16.Free Loveby Jean Carn4:04
17.People Powerby Billy Paul4:19
18.Nobody Could Take Your Placeby Dee Dee Sharp Gamble5:01

Disk #3

1.You're the Reason Whyby The Ebonys3:03
2.Days Go Byby Bobby Bennett2:39
3.New York City's a Lonely Townby Dick Jensen3:08
4.Stop and Thinkby The Trammps3:09
5.One Day of Peaceby Love Committee2:50
6.The Devil Made Me Do Itby Robert Upchurch2:41
7.Who in the Worldby The Ethics3:59
8.Do You Like the Way I Loveby The Ebonys3:06
9.Never Let You Get Away From Meby Anthony White4:35
10.I'm a Changed Personby Kaleidoscope3:14
11.If You Move, You Loseby Carolyn Crawford2:55
12.I'm So Glad I'm Meby The Ebonys3:01
13.Can't Believe That You Love Meby Bunny Sigler3:53
14.You Bring Out the Best in Meby Derek & Cyndi3:07
15.Hey Babyby Anthony White2:52
16.Where Do We Go From Hereby The Trammps3:44
17.Good & Plentyby Carolyn Crawford2:46
18.Yellow Sunshineby Yellow Sunshine4:08
19.To Be Happy Is the Real Thingby The Intruders3:29
20.It's Foreverby The Ebonys4:32

Disk #4

1.Where Are All My Friendsby Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes3:22
2.Summertime and I'm Feeling Mellowby M.F.S.B.4:06
3.Let Life Flowby The O'Jays4:31
4.If You Wanna Go Backby Jean Carn3:22
5.It's Hard Not to Like Youby Archie Bell & The Drells4:01
6.Party Time Manby The Futures5:15
7.Everyone's a Starby The Intruders5:43
8.Your Love Is Goodby Bunny Sigler2:54
9.The Whole Town's Talkingby Billy Paul4:46
10.So Glad I'm the Oneby Instant Funk3:16
11.Keep on Lovin' Youby Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes3:42
12.Yes You Need Loveby Anthony White3:34
13.It Ain't Reggae (But It's Funky)by Instant Funk3:46
14.(You're the One) Someone Specialby The Futures4:17
15.Keep Smilin'by Bunny Sigler5:57
16.I'm in Love Once Againby Jean Carn5:54
17.The Whole Town's Laughing at Meby Teddy Pendergrass4:29
18.Sooner or Laterby Billy Paul5:35

Disk #5

1.Let's Make a Babyby Billy Paul3:50
2.Now That We Found Loveby The O'Jays3:09
3.Blues Awayby The Jacksons3:14
4.I Believe in Loveby Dee Dee Sharp Gamble3:58
5.Easy, Easy, Got to Take It Easyby Teddy Pendergrass4:55
6.I Bet She Won't Love You Like I Doby Jean Carn3:18
7.Used ta Be My Girlby The O'Jays3:23
8.Strength of One Manby The Jacksons3:56
9.See You When I Git Thereby Lou Rawls3:09
10.Only Youby Teddy Pendergrass5:07
11.Intro / My Love Don't Come Easyby Jean Carn5:09
12.Come On and (Dance Dance Dance)by Bunny Sigler5:29
13.This Feeling's Killing Meby The Jones Girls3:32
14.Let 'em Inby Billy Paul3:34
15.Picture Usby Bunny Sigler2:35
16.Life Goes Onby The Jones Girls4:31
17.Lady Loveby Lou Rawls4:02
18.Where Will You Go When the Party's Over?by Archie Bell & The Drells4:08

Disk #6

1.The More I Get, the More I Wantby Teddy Pendergrass4:28
2.Stop and Think It Overby Anthony White4:22
3.Living Togetherby The Jacksons4:28
4.(No, No) You Can't Come Back Nowby Jean Carn4:30
5.You Can't Hide From Yourselfby Teddy Pendergrass4:08
6.(I'm Just Thinking About) Cooling Outby Jerry Butler3:37
7.Only the Strong Surviveby Billy Paul3:27
8.Used ta Be My Guyby M.F.S.B.5:15
9.I Don't Love You Anymoreby Teddy Pendergrass4:01
10.To Prove I Love Youby The O'Jays4:13
11.Things Are Gonna Get Betterby Bunny Sigler2:57
12.Not the Staying Kindby Lou Rawls3:54
13.Holdin' Onby Dexter Wansel4:54
14.Don't Let Love Get You Downby Archie Bell & The Drells4:22
15.Let's Clean Up the Ghettoby The Philadelphia International All Stars4:53
16.You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Elseby The Jones Girls4:32
17.What's the Matter With the World?by Lou Rawls5:57
18.When Somebody Loves You Backby Teddy Pendergrass5:00

Disk #7

1.Life on Marsby Dexter Wansel5:54
2.Sonceré (The Infinite Hour Glass)by Michael Pedicin Jr.6:21
3.Tight Moneyby Leon Huff4:50
4.Compared to Whatby Billy Paul5:22
5.For the Love of Moneyby Thad Jones&Mel Lewis4:14
6.Something for Nothingby M.F.S.B.3:00
7.Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)by Patti LaBelle4:08
8.Manhattan Skylineby M.F.S.B.4:49
9.In Good Faithby Norman Harris5:14
10.Realityby Monk Montgomery5:38
11.Forever With Youby Phyllis Hyman4:20
12.My Favourite Personby The O'Jays4:16
13.I Ain't Jivin', I'm Jammin'by Leon Huff5:57
14.Mysteries of the Worldby M.F.S.B.5:30
15.Theme From the Planetsby Dexter Wansel4:54
16.Malorieby Billy Paul3:49

Disk #8

1.Come Go With Meby Teddy Pendergrass5:50
2.Don't Let It Go to Your Headby Jean Carn4:53
3.Mine All Mineby The Stylistics4:33
4.I'm in Love Againby Patti LaBelle5:54
5.Brandyby The O'Jays4:14
6.The Sweetest Painby Dexter Wansel5:43
7.Ain't No Time fa Nothingby The Futures5:30
8.When I'm Goneby The Jones Girls4:50
9.Turn Off the Lightsby Teddy Pendergrass5:56
10.I Can't Stop (Turning You On)by Silk3:58
11.I've Been Pushed Asideby McFadden & Whitehead5:13
12.We Got Some Catchin' Up to Doby Jean Carn5:03
13.Maybe It's Love This Timeby The Stylistics4:11
14.Who Can I Run Toby The Jones Girls4:45
15.Close the Doorby Teddy Pendergrass3:35
16.Children of the Nightby The Jones Girls5:12

Disk #9

1.Ain't No Stoppin' Us Nowby McFadden & Whitehead7:03
2.Was That All It Wasby Jean Carn6:30
3.Bring the Family Backby Billy Paul5:02
4.Nights Over Egyptby The Jones Girls4:42
5.Put Our Heads Togetherby The O'Jays5:43
6.Keep It Comin'by The Jones Girls4:50
7.I Heard It in a Love Songby McFadden & Whitehead5:13
8.The Spirit's in Itby Patti LaBelle5:50
9.Strut Your Funky Stuffby Frantique3:39
10.What's Your Nameby The Stylistics4:54
11.Dance Turned to a Romanceby The Jones Girls4:30
12.Strategyby Archie Bell & The Drells6:57
13.I Love You Anywayby Dee Dee Sharp Gamble4:32
14.Bet Your Lucky Starby Jean Carn4:53
15.Let Me Be Good to Youby Lou Rawls5:28

Disk #10

1.Love You Directby The O'Jays3:54
2.Ain't You Had Enough Loveby Phyllis Hyman4:15
3.Somebody's Gotta Moveby The Dells5:14
4.Do You Get Enough Loveby Shirley Jones4:38
5.First Time Togetherby Phyllis Hyman4:05
6.I Can't Forget Youby Patti LaBelle4:32
7.Hurry Up This Way Againby The Stylistics5:55
8.Easy Moneyby Dee Dee Sharp Gamble4:05
9.Summer Flingby The O'Jays4:51
10.This Too Shall Passby Phyllis Hyman5:29
11.Baby Don't Go Away Madby The Dells4:40
12.She Knew About Meby Shirley Jones4:37
13.If Only You Knewby Patti LaBelle4:46
14.Extraordinary Girlby The O'Jays5:21
15.Heaven Only Knowsby Teddy Pendergrass4:09
16.Baby Don't Go Yetby The Jones Girls5:25

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