Piano Collections: Final Fantasy X mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy Xby Various Artists

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:44


1.To Zanarkandby 植松伸夫3:19
2.Tidus's Themeby 植松伸夫4:08
3.Besaid Islandby 浜渦正志3:02
4.Song of Prayerby 植松伸夫6:18
5.Travel Agencyby 浜渦正志3:01
6.Rikku's Themeby 植松伸夫2:50
7.Guadosalamby 仲野順也3:09
8.Thunder Plateauby 浜渦正志3:21
9.Raidby 浜渦正志3:29
10.Purgatorial Roadby 植松伸夫3:14
11.Suteki Da Ne (Isn't it Wonderful?)by 植松伸夫4:18
12.Yuna's Determinationby 植松伸夫3:02
13.Trap in the Extreme Northby 浜渦正志4:04
14.The Final Battleby 浜渦正志3:55
15.Ending Themeby 植松伸夫5:34

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