Power of the Trinity mp3 Artist Compilation by Israel Vibration

Power of the Trinityby Israel Vibration

  • 87 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:00:03


Disk #1

1.Intro (We A De Rasta)0:35
2.We A De Rasta4:03
3.Intro (Why You So Craven)0:15
4.Why You So Craven3:10
5.Intro (Middle East)0:22
6.Middle East4:40
7.Intro (Don't Want Apartheid)0:23
8.Don't Want Apartheid4:57
9.Intro (There Is No End)0:38
10.There Is No End4:51
11.Intro (Reggae On The River)0:43
12.Reggae On The River4:30
13.Intro (Live In Jah Love)0:40
14.Live In Jah Love4:35
15.Intro (Falling Angels)0:28
16.Falling Angels5:30
17.Intro (Radical Injustice)0:11
18.Radical Injustice7:12
19.Intro (Rudeboy Shufflin')0:34
20.Rudeboy Shufflin'4:46
21.Intro (Mud Up)0:43
22.Mud Up5:30
23.Intro (Solomon Bloodline)0:45
24.Solomon Bloodline4:44
25.Interviews And Reasoning (The Name Apple)2:32
26.Interviews And Reasoning (Mona)2:37
27.Interviews And Reasoning (First Love)2:25
28.Interviews And Reasoning (From The Bush)4:31
29.Interviews And Reasoning (The System)3:08

Disk #2

1.Intro (Licks And Kicks)1:02
2.Licks And Kicks2:55
3.Intro (Universal Father)0:23
4.Universal Father3:40
5.Intro (Cool And Calm)0:27
6.Cool And Calm4:26
7.Intro (Greedy Dog)0:48
8.Greedy Dog4:32
9.Intro (Vultures)0:15
11.Intro (Jailhouse Rocking)0:40
12.Jailhouse Rocking4:14
13.Intro (Poor Man Cry)0:27
14.Poor Man Cry3:59
15.Intro (Soldiers Of Jah Army)0:20
16.Soldiers Of Jah Army4:20
17.Intro (Naw Give Up The Fight)0:22
18.Naw Give Up The Fight4:19
19.Intro (Mr. Consular Man)0:50
20.Mr. Consular Man4:33
21.Intro (Hard Road)0:08
22.Hard Road4:11
23.Intro (Get Up And Go)0:46
24.Get Up And Go4:19
25.Interviews And Reasoning (The Name Wiss)2:12
26.Interviews And Reasoning (Mona)3:52
27.Interviews And Reasoning (From The Bush)8:31
28.Interviews And Reasoning (Vegetarian)5:24
29.Interviews And Reasoning (The Achievements)3:48

Disk #3

1.Intro (Why Worry)0:56
2.Why Worry4:20
3.Intro (The Same Song)0:42
4.The Same Song3:59
5.Intro (Highway Robbery)0:47
6.Highway Robbery3:32
7.Intro (Payday)0:18
9.Intro (Perfect Love And Understanding)0:14
10.Perfect Love And Understanding4:03
11.Intro (Strength Of Life)0:29
12.Strength Of My Life6:09
13.Intro (On The Rock)0:19
14.On The Rock4:57
15.Intro (Racial Discrimination)0:24
16.Racial Discrimination4:11
17.Intro (Red Eyes)0:15
18.Red Eyes4:53
19.Intro (Thank You Jah)0:17
20.Thank You Jah4:06
21.Intro (Feelin' Irie)0:40
22.Feelin' Irie3:43
23.Intro (Livity In The Wood)0:11
24.Livity In The Hood4:26
25.Interviews And Reasoning (The Name Skelly)5:06
26.Interviews And Reasoning (Finding Reggae And Rasta)4:11
27.Interviews And Reasoning (The Choice)3:11
28.Interviews And Reasoning (Birth Of Israel Vibration)5:55
29.Interviews And Reasoning (The Marley Association, Accomplishments)2:55