Punk Rock Confidential Revisited mp3 Album by The Queers

Punk Rock Confidential Revisitedby The Queers

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 34:47


1.Tamara Is A Punk1:55
2.Everything's O.K.2:08
3.I Didn't Puke0:59
4.Mrs. Brown, You've Got An Ugly Daughter2:38
5.The Sun Always Shines Around You2:47
6.Beat Your Heart Out2:16
7.Punk Rock Confidential1:55
8.Today I Fell In Love3:10
9.Everyday Girl3:30
11.Like A Parasite2:18
12.Idiot Savant2:43
13.Dont Mess It Up3:39
14.Sayonara Sucker1:44
15.Punk Rock Confidential Revisited1:08