Weekend At Bernie's mp3 Live by The Queers

Weekend At Bernie'sby The Queers

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:37


1.Ursula Finally Has Tits2:16
2.No Tit1:30
3.Brush Your Teeth1:18
4.Love Love Love2:27
5.I Hate Everything1:21
6.I Can't Stand You1:18
8.My Old Man's A Fatso1:22
9.Night Of The Livid Queers1:41
10.I Can't Stop Farting1:11
11.I Want Cunt0:21
12.Monster Zero1:59
13.You're Tripping1:47
14.I Live This Life1:48
15.I Hate Your Fucking Guts1:52
16.Fuck You0:55
17.Ben Weasel2:14
18.Wimpy Drives Through Harlem1:12
20.Too Many Twinkies1:23
21.Goodbye California2:28
22.Jumping Jack Flash2:52
23.Rockaway Beach2:11
24.Batman (feat. Don B)1:55
25.We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin1:52
26.Terminal Rut0:32
28.Macarthur's Park1:09
29.Caught Smoking Pot1:02
30.Kicked Out Of The Webelos1:09
31.I'm Useless0:15
32.This Place Sucks0:53
33.Love Me2:34