RAM Drum & Bass Annual 2012 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

RAM Drum & Bass Annual 2012by Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:40:45


1.Pure Gold (feat. Kemo)by Calyx & TeeBee5:32
2.Need To Know (feat. IMAN)by Wilkinson4:26
3.I Rememberby Culture Shock5:31
4.Elevate This Soundby Calyx & TeeBee5:16
5.Infinity Plus 1by Cyantific5:12
6.Passengerby Loadstar4:36
7.Troglodyteby Culture Shock5:16
8.One Scratch (vs. Hoodlum & Mavrik)by Wickaman7:22
9.Now It's Timeby Mind Vortex5:35
10.Bomberby Loadstar4:30
11.All My Trials (feat. Ivy Mairi)by Rene LaVice4:58
12.Deep In My Heartby Hamilton4:50
13.Move Closer (feat. Belle Humble)by DC Breaks4:59
14.Automaticby Wilkinson4:54
15.End Of Daysby Delta Heavy4:43
16.So Aloneby Chroma5:17
17.Absolute Monsterby Rene LaVice5:24
18.Turbineby Delta Heavy4:34
19.Pandorumby Frankee6:02
20.Hotboxby Mind Vortex4:32
21.Iodineby Kove4:05
22.Firezby DC Breaks5:09
23.Bassline Secretby Loko5:40
24.Rich Kidsby Hamilton4:08
25.64 Thousand Dollar Habit (feat. Secret Handshake Club)by June Miller5:02
26.Ram Drum & Bass Annual 2012 Mixby Various Artists33:12