Ravermeister, Volume 12 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Ravermeister, Volume 12by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:36:19


Disk #1

1.Donnergott (radio edit)by Gary D.3:57
2.Terminateby Albion7:20
3.Follow Meby Plastic Angel6:21
4.Vivacity (club mix)by Psycos8:20
5.Theme From Dolphin Trance (Bermuda mix)by Code-447:27
6.My X-Perience (Moonman mix)by Formologic6:06
7.The Access of Trance (DJ Dean remix)by DJ Crack6:43
8.Furusato No Yume (original club mix)by J.A.P.A.N.6:32
9.Outer Limits (DJ Snowman vs. DJ Mind-X remix)by Harem Doctors7:56
10.Rachel in Trance (short cut)by Zymotix3:41
11.Warp 99by Plug 'n' Play6:37
12.Dream State (Slow club mix)by Voyager One7:20

Disk #2

1.I Feel It (radio edit)by Copyright Killers3:35
2.Welcome to Paradiseby Sanity6:52
3.It Is Done (X-Tended Fatal mix)by Freaky's Fatal6:03
4.Absolution (DJ Mellow-D's Infused remix)by Sound Structure6:47
5.Friends (DJ Wag & Y.O.M.C. remix)by X-Trance7:24
6.Feel It (Mike Nero mix)by Second Dimension8:08
7.Moquai (Erol Kayali & Abi Tur mix)by X-Dream6:20
8.God Stepped Out on Space (extended mix) (vs. Foggy)by Midiman5:55
9.Game of Death (club mix)by Desperados7:38
10.Never-Ending Dreamsby Astrolight6:32
11.Generateby Lost Generation6:57
12.Theme From Futurescopeby FU-Bots5:48