Recovery mp3 Album by Eminem

Recoveryby Eminem

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:26:30


1.Cold Wind Blows5:04
2.Talkin' 2 Myself (Feat. Kobe)5:00
3.On Fire3:33
4.Won't Back Down (Feat. P!Nk)4:26
6.Going Through Changes4:59
7.Not Afraid4:08
9.No Love (Feat. Lil Wayne)4:59
10.Space Bound4:39
11.Cinderella Man4:39
12.25 To Life4:02
13.So Bad5:25
14.Almost Famous4:52
15.Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Rihanna)4:23
16.You'Re Never Over5:06
17.Here We Go3:14
19.Session One (Feat. Slaughterhouse)4:28
Eminem does it again! There really is something unique about Eminem and his ability to put every ounce of his heart and soul into every track he writes, which undoubtedly makes him one of the greatest rappers ever. Whilst I believe that many of the songs in this album aren't as good as songs from his earlier works, such as 'Curtain call' the tracks are still great, and I think people maybe judge Eminem against his earlier works. In truth if this album had been released by an unknown, up and coming star it would be considered brilliant, and thus I see this as a great piece of work and would definately recommend.
I am not a huge fan ef Eminem, but I really like this album. Eminem is unique in the sense that he raps about life and his music is meaningful. I don't like how he sorta yells the entire seongs, but he sings with passion. Eminem produced several excellent songs on this album, such as Love the Way You Lie and Not Afraid. While some of the songs on this album I don't really like, I'd say this album is a masterpiece by Eminem.
All in all, a great rap album produced by probably the best rapper of all-time. But this album compared to his earlier work, kind of falls off at the end. Do not get me wrong, the entire album is great. Many though see this as him selling out. The topics discussed within this album are those that he rarely touched on earlier in his career. It isn't as crazy as the others, with this you pretty much get a straight laced Eminem. Slim Shady has officially died with his last album. Anyways, the songs that are most notable with this album are Not Afraid, Love The Way You Lie, Going Through Changes, and my personal favorite, 25 to Life. If these don't get you(which is probably impossible), there are a number of other great tracks on this album. A shout out to his dead companion in You're Never Over, and a superstar hookup featuring Lil' Wayne in No Love.
Jessica Miller
It is hard to find an album nowadays that has a great mix of songs. Most albums have one, two, maybe three songs on the album that are awesome.... not this one! Every song on this album rocks! this album is totally worth even buying it for twenty bucks, but for less than five dollars it is almost literally a steal! It has been about a decade since eminem has had any hits released. this cd is so awesome, its like he spent a decade working on this cd. he has awesome artist paring with him. eminem went back to his old style of rapping, back to the slim shady days. This album is the style that made him famous in the first place. buy this album... totally worth it.
Wow first reviewer alright Nick Here and as I right this I am listening to My favorite album ever "Recovery." This album is Eminem's best album. It has a blend of songs with each one rich in meaning and each time you think about it the meaning could grow deeper as you wish and as you please. This album also showcases many different artists. The artists are a good blend of New and ever so present Rihannna, P!nk, and Lil Wayne. Whatever way you look at this album it turns out Good. Eminem makes a strong bounceback from some of his older albums which were very dry in my opinion. Although Eminem has always been a good rapper I believe to date this is this Decade's Best album.