The Eminem Show mp3 Album by Eminem

The Eminem Showby Eminem

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:33


1.Curtains Up (Skit)0:30
2.White America5:25
4.Cleaning Out My Closet4:58
6.The Kiss (Skit)1:16
8.Say Goodbye Hollywood4:33
10.Without Me4:50
11.Paul Rosenberg (Skit)0:23
12.Sing For The Moment5:40
14.Hailie'S Song5:21
15.Steve Berman (Skit)0:33
16.When The Music Stops4:29
17.Say What You Say5:10
18.'Till I Collapse4:58
19.My Dad'S Gone Crazy4:27
20.Curtains Close (Skit)1:02
Honestly, this album is Eminem's best work. Almost every song on this album had #1 possibility. From such a controversial hit in White America, to an out-of-this-world rap in My Dad's Gone Crazy, this album really has it all. We have never been disappointed with Eminem, but even with the Albums that have come after this one, every single one falls in comparison with the workload this one brings. If there was one song I would pick off of this album to show to everyone, which it would be a very close decision, but it would have to be Sing for The Moment. Eminem takes Aerosmith's Dream On and converts it into one of the most magical hip-hop songs I have ever heard. So much power, so much emotion goes behind this song. Along with the rest of this album, which does touch on a lighter side of things, makes this a must have for any rap fan.