Red mp3 Album by King Crimson
  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:09


2.Fallen Angel6:03
3.One More Red Nightmare7:10
6.Red (Trio Version)6:27
7.Fallen Angel (Trio Version) (Instrumental)6:26
8.Providence (Full Version)10:09
Kurt Daniels
In 1974 the critics didn't give much credit to "Red" What was to be the last King Crimson album until 1981 when Robert Fripp decided to give it a reboot. What's funny is nearly every KC fan I know claims it is their favorite. After many incarnations of the band it finally was whittled down to a power trio of Fripp on guitar and mellotron, bassist/vocalist, John Wetton, a studio musician later famed for forming the band Asia and drummer, Bill Bruford, formerly of Yes. Whether you preferred the moody, mellotron dominated early albums or the hard edged, jazz rock of the later works, Red hits the spot. The opening instrumental, title track blasts out at you with the erratic, Frippish, craziness and lets you know right off, you're in good hands. "Fallen Angel" with guitar feedback intro morphing into a surreal melody, then goes into the story of a Hell's Angel who enlists his younger brother only to watch him die in a street fight. It ends with a King Crimson signature, circular melody that lures you in. Fripp's opening riffs on "One More Red Nightmare" have the air of an arch villain entrance, each one trailed by Bruford's tasty drum fills. "Providence" named for the U.S. city where it was recorded, is the only live, improve performance on the record. It features David Cross on violin who was a member on their two preceding albums. The album ends with "Starless," a melancholy epic. With somber head swaying melody, beautifully sung by Wetton. The suspense riddled, middle slowly swells until it explodes into an insane jazz rock fury. This song makes it all worthwhile.