Revolt 2019 (Mixed By Sub Sonik, Destructive Tendencies & O.B.I) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Revolt 2019 (Mixed By Sub Sonik, Destructive Tendencies & O.B.I)by Various Artists

  • 64 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:57:21


1.Revolt (Official Revolt 2019 Anthem) (Radio Edit) (feat. Tha Watcher)by Sub Sonik4:02
2.Set Me Free (Radio Edit) (and Warface feat. Carola)by Sub Sonik2:58
3.Bring It On (and Rebelion feat. LXCPR)by Sub Sonik4:43
4.Dark Sun (Radio Edit)by KELTEK4:35
5.Gladiators (Radio Edit) (and Atmozfears)by Devin Wild3:14
6.Cocaine Monster (Radio Edit)by Zatox4:19
7.Free Fall (Radio Edit) (feat. Diandra Faye)by RVAGE3:13
8.Runaway (and Galactixx)by Sub Sonik3:06
9.Day For Night (Radio Edit) (and Killshot)by Act of Rage3:44
10.Genesis (Radio Edit) (and Luna)by E-Force2:35
11.Can't Sleepby Phrantic & Deetox2:59
12.Higher Force (Radio Edit) (and Kronos)by E-Force3:12
13.Rampage (Radio Edit) (and Ncrypta feat. Last Word)by Rebelion3:28 Ressurectz4:05
15.Universe (Radio Edit) (and High Voltage)by D-Sturb3:45
16.M.F. Psycho (Uncaged Remix)by Sub Sonik3:03
17.F.W.T.S (and Sub Sonik feat. MC V)by Ncrypta3:35
18.A New Day (Andy SVGE Remix) (and Art of Fighters feat. Lilly Julian)by Endymion3:44
19.The Illest (Radio Edit)by Crypsis2:49
20.Poisened By Society (Radio Edit) (and Radical Redemption)by Digital Punk2:51
21.Nothing Is Forever (Extended Mix)by Break Zero4:50
22.Wodka (Destructive Tendencies Remix Edit)by Da Tweekaz3:15
23.Zombie (and Roosy K)by Joey Riot6:30
24.Walk Aloneby 3rdwav4:38
25.Beyond The Lights (Radio Edit)by Destructive Tendencies2:30
26.King Of The Jungleby Londinium3:33
27.Abracadabra (Radio Edit)by Stereotype3:47
28.Street Fighter (Audiofreq Remix Edit)by Angerfist3:00
29.Death By Stereo (Radio Edit) (and Destructive Tendencies)by Evil Activities3:34
30.Rejection (Radio Edit)by Blaster3:29
31.Run Mf (Radio Edit) (and Destructive Tendencies)by Tha Playah3:26
32.Fight (Radio Edit)by Odium3:44
33.Come Get Some (Radio Edit) (and Anime)by DJ Mad Dog4:02
34.Night Must Fall (Radio Edit) (and Bulletproof)by Destructive Tendencies3:16
35.Beuk Alles In Elkaar (Edit) (and D-Fence)by Never Surrender3:28
36.The Underworld (Radio Edit) (and Caine)by Destructive Tendencies4:01
37.Can't Stop Us Now (Radio Edit) (and Rooler)by Destructive Tendencies2:32
38.Dissed (Radio Edit)by D-Fence4:04
39.Release The Kraken (Sefa Remix Edit) (and Warface)by Destructive Tendencies3:24
40.Paralyzed (Radio Edit) (and Mind Compressor)by Blaster4:34
41.Brain Burst (Edit) (and Destructive Tendencies)by Nosferatu3:10
42.Lead The Pack (Radio Edit) (and Restrained)by Destructive Tendencies3:18
43.Sound Becomes Two (Radio Edit) (and Destructive Tendencies)by Partyraiser5:55
44.What You Thinkby Dave Blunt7:12
45.Fuck Face (Petduo Remix)by Hawaii Pizza Haters5:47
46.Mission Impossibleby Agents of Change5:21
47.It's Not The Way To Do Itby Svetec5:34
48.Wreckedby Buchecha6:20
49.The Chaseby Agents of Change6:25
50.Doht 1by O.B.I.5:58
51.Insaneby Mental Crush5:20
52.Burning Stateby Buchecha6:40
53.Symptomeby Dave Blunt6:41
54.The Fake Raverby Xavier5:53
55.You Know Meby Svetec6:25
56.Vitaminby Buchecha6:20
57.15 Minutes Of Fameby Xavier6:11
58.Eye Twitchingby Svetec6:15
59.Htmpby O.B.I.5:59
60.Recklessby Malke5:43
61.Nights Are Killing Meby HT4L6:10
62.Revolt 2019 (Continuous Mix 1 By Sub Sonik)by Various Artists1:12:34
63.Revolt 2019 (Continuous Mix 2 By Destructive Tendencies)by Various Artists1:10:45
64.Revolt 2019 (Continuous Mix 3 By O.B.I.)by Various Artists1:05:48