Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes mp3 Soundtrack by Patrick Doyle

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apesby Patrick Doyle

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:01:19


1.The Beginningby Patrick Doyle2:49
2.Bright Eyes Escapesby Patrick Doyle3:38
3.Lofty Swingby Patrick Doyle1:36
4.Stealing the 112by Patrick Doyle1:52
5.Muir Woodsby Patrick Doyle1:20
6.Off You Goby Patrick Doyle2:17
7.Who Am I?by Patrick Doyle2:21
8.Caesar Protects Charlesby Patrick Doyle3:58
9.The Primate Facilityby Patrick Doyle2:45
10.Dodge Hoses Caesarby Patrick Doyle1:40
11.Rocket Attacks Caesarby Patrick Doyle1:24
12.Visiting Timeby Patrick Doyle2:17
13.‘Caesing’ the Knifeby Patrick Doyle2:04
14.Buck Is Releasedby Patrick Doyle1:52
15.Charles Slips Awayby Patrick Doyle1:16
16.Cookiesby Patrick Doyle1:15
17.Inhaling the VIrusby Patrick Doyle2:45
18.Caesar's Standby Patrick Doyle4:23
19.Gen-Sys Freedomby Patrick Doyle4:57
20.Zoo Breakoutby Patrick Doyle2:41
21.Golden Gate Bridgeby Patrick Doyle5:21
22.The Apes Attackby Patrick Doyle2:10
23.Caesar and Buckby Patrick Doyle1:58
24.Caesar's Homeby Patrick Doyle2:40