Rising Sun (Extended Mixes) mp3 Album by Aly & Fila

Rising Sun (Extended Mixes)by Aly & Fila

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:40:42


1.Medellin (extended mix) (vs. Activa)7:36
2.It Will Be OK (extended mix) (feat. Katherine Crowe)7:11
3.My Mind Is With You (extended mix) (feat. Denise Rivera)6:58
4.Rosaires (extended mix)8:53
5.Listening (extended mix) (feat. Josie)6:32
6.Menes (extended mix)8:41
7.Perfect Red (extended mix) (vs. Björn Åkesson)7:27
8.I Can Hear You (extended mix) (feat. Sue Mclaren)6:42
9.Without You (The Never Knowing) (extended mix) (vs. Philippe El Sisi Feat. Senadee)8:27
10.Khepera (extended mix)8:38
11.Sandgroper (extended mix)7:10
12.Breeze (extended mix) (feat. Jass)8:00
13.Rising Sun (extended mix)8:27