Rocky IV mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Rocky IVby Various Artists

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 43:28


1.Burning Heartby Survivor3:54
2.Heart'S On Fireby John Cafferty4:10
3.Double Or Nothingby Kenny Loggins And Gladys Knight3:44
4.Eye Of The Tigerby Survivor3:50
5.Warby Vince Dicola5:57
6.Living In Americaby James Brown4:43
7.No Easy Way Outby Robert Tepper4:24
8.One Way Streetby Go West4:39
9.The Sweetist VIctoryby Touch4:26
10.Training Montageby Vince Dicola3:41
Rocky IV was a movie of montages, and you either loved it for what it was or hated it. Likewise with the soundtrack, this became one of the most popular workout albums of it's time. Everything here has a good, strong beat, so let it play through and you will have a good, strong workout.

The fact that it was a Rocky movie might prevent the soundtrack from getting it's full due. James Brown's "Living in America" became an iconic song for him after the release of the film. "Eye of the Tiger" is standard for Rocky films, as are Training Montages, but that doesn't take away from their awesomeness. "No Easy Way Out" is over-the-top with emotion, but it somehow works very well here. Most of the songs here don't fare well by themselves, but as a part of the whole of this album are just a perfect fit. This is one case where getting one or two tracks won't do, it's a singular piece. Pick it up, find a highway, put the top down and let it go.
Ahhh classic music and inspiring. Makes you want to work out listening to this collection of songs from Rocky 4. Training Montage
is so cool sounding with the deep bass sound throughout, No Easy Way Out, a real rockin tune by Robert Tepper, makes you wann get in and drive into the night! Of course Eye of the Tiger which I believe helped launch Survivors success, and so much more. You have to get this, every track is amazing!!!!