RT: The Life And Music Of Richard Thompson mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

RT: The Life And Music Of Richard Thompsonby Various Artists

  • 102 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:35:48


Disk #1

1.Now That I Am Deadby Richard Thompson3:05
2.Genesis Hallby Richard Thompson3:17
3.Josef Lockeby Richard Thompson2:46
4.Willy O' Winsburyby Richard Thompson4:58
5.Don't Sit on My Jimmy Shandsby Richard Thompson3:36
6.Nobody's Weddingby Richard Thompson2:13
7.Madonna's Weddingby Richard Thompson2:36
8.Walking the Long Miles Homeby Richard Thompson4:05
9.Withered and Diedby Richard Thompson3:25
10.Beat the Retreatby Richard Thompson5:00
11.The Great Valerioby Richard Thompson4:47
12.Walking on a Wireby Richard Thompson5:26
13.Never Againby Richard Thompson3:01
14.The End of the Rainbowby Richard Thompson3:54
15.King of Bohemiaby Richard Thompson3:46
16.Killerman Gold Posseby Richard Thompson1:50
17.Lotterylandby Richard Thompson2:57
18.Now Be Thankfulby Richard Thompson3:17
19.Shoot Out the Lightsby Richard Thompson5:50
20.Outside of the Insideby Richard Thompson4:20

Disk #2

1.I Feel So Goodby Richard Thompson3:18
2.Push and Shoveby Richard Thompson3:11
3.Time to Ring Some Changesby Richard Thompson3:31
4.Cooksferry Queenby Richard Thompson3:26
5.Waltzing's for Dreamersby Richard Thompson3:44
6.I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonightby Richard Thompson3:20
7.I Misunderstoodby Richard Thompson3:52
8.Meet on the Ledgeby Richard Thompson3:26
9.Down Where the Drunkards Rollby Richard Thompson4:20
10.Gethsemaneby Richard Thompson5:51
11.Tear-Stained Letterby Richard Thompson3:19
12.Wall of Deathby Richard Thompson3:23
13.1952 VIncent Black Lightningby Richard Thompson4:54
14.From Galway to Gracelandby Richard Thompson4:59
15.Crazy Man Michaelby Richard Thompson4:46
16.Dimming of the Dayby Richard Thompson3:51
17.Beeswingby Richard Thompson5:28

Disk #3

1.Valerieby Richard Thompson4:23
2.Don't Let a Thief Steal Into Your Heartby Richard Thompson3:54
3.Ghosts in the Windby Richard Thompson5:41
4.Crash the Partyby Richard Thompson6:12
5.For Shame of Doing Wrongby Richard Thompson6:56
6.Calvary Crossby Richard Thompson9:33
7.Slothby Richard Thompson12:20
8.Night Comes Inby Richard Thompson8:13
9.Drowned Dog, Black Nightby Richard Thompson6:37
10.Put It There Palby Richard Thompson7:53
11.Morris Medley / Flying Saucersby Richard Thompson6:38

Disk #4

1.Substituteby Richard Thompson3:05
2.Temptedby Richard Thompson4:39
3.(The Story Of) Hamletby Richard Thompson4:37
4.Oops, I Did It Againby Richard Thompson3:12
5.Ca Plane Pour Moiby Richard Thompson2:52
6.Why Don't Women Like Me?by Richard Thompson2:52
7.Time Has Told Meby Richard Thompson4:47
8.Shenandoahby Richard Thompson3:34
9.Danny Boyby Richard Thompson3:35
10.Move Itby Richard Thompson3:24
11.Willie and the Hand Jive / Not Fade Awayby Richard Thompson4:02
12.Loch Lomondby Richard Thompson3:30
13.Job of Journeyworkby Richard Thompson1:34
14.Napoleon's Dreamby Richard Thompson2:02
15.Sally Rackettby Richard Thompson1:05
16.God Loves a Drunkby Richard Thompson4:43
17.The Angels Took My Racehorse Awayby Richard Thompson3:31
18.Poseidonby Richard Thompson4:01
19.Wall of Deathby Richard Thompson3:50
20.You'll Never Walk Aloneby Richard Thompson2:28
21.I Ain't Marching Anymoreby Richard Thompson2:53
22.The Who Medley (My Generation / Can't Explain / Substitute)by Richard Thompson6:50

Disk #5

1.Albion Sunriseby Richard Thompson2:36
2.How Many Times Do You Have to Fallby Richard & Linda Thompson3:37
3.Bad News Is All the Wind Can Carryby Richard Thompson3:05
4.Mrs Ritaby Richard Thompson2:47
5.Shady Liesby Richard & Linda Thompson2:23
6.Lucky in Life, Unlucky in Loveby Richard Thompson3:14
7.Dragging the Riverby The Albion Country Band2:07
8.Alexander Graham Bellby Richard Thompson & Danny Thompson3:23
9.Someone Else's Fancyby Richard Thompson3:18
10.Modern Womanby Richard & Linda Thompson3:06
11.Woman or a Manby Richard & Linda Thompson3:47
12.My Daddy Is a Mummyby Richard Thompson & Danny Thompson2:41
13.You Got What You Wantedby Richard Thompson3:18
14.In Over Your Headby Richard Thompson2:09
15.Dear Janet Jacksonby Richard Thompson3:46

Disk #6

1.Meet on the Ledgeby Fairport Convention1:25
2.When I Get to the Borderby Fairport Convention3:21
3.I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonightby Richard Thompson3:23
4.We Sing Hallelujahby The Albion Band2:35
5.The Hangman's Reelby Fairport Convention3:25
6.Albion Sunriseby The Albion Country Band2:57
7.Sir Patrick Spensby Fairport Convention3:27
8.New St. Georgeby The Albion Country Band2:52
9.Sword Dance / Young Black Cowby Richard & Linda Thompson4:14
10.The Lady Is a Trampby Fairport Convention2:11
11.Farewell, Farewellby Martin Carthy3:18
12.Meet on the Ledgeby Fairport Convention2:52
13.The Gas Almost Worksby Richard Thompson2:38
14.Withered & Diedby Grace Notes2:41
15.Has He Got a Friend for Me?by Debra Cowan2:52
16.End of the Rainbowby Elvis Costello3:28
17.Beeswingby John Clough4:38