RWBY: Volume 3 Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

RWBY: Volume 3 Soundtrackby Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:21:56


1.When It Falls (feat. Casey Lee Williams)by Jeff Williams3:26
2.I'm the One (feat. Casey Lee Williams)by Jeff Williams3:42
3.It's My Turn (feat. Casey Lee Williams)by Jeff Williams4:27
4.Not Fall in Love with Youby Jeff Williams3:50
5.Neon (feat. Casey Lee Williams)by Jeff Williams2:55
6.Mirror Mirror Part II (feat. Casey Lee Williams)by Jeff Williams3:59
7.Divide (feat. Casey Lee Williams)by Jeff Williams3:41
8.Cold (feat. Casey Lee Williams)by Jeff Williams3:26
9.Time to Say Goodbye (Acoustic) (feat. Casey Lee Williams)by Jeff Williams5:30
10.It's My Turn (James Landino Remix) (feat. Casey Lee Williams)by Jeff Williams3:48
11.Qrow vs Winterby Jeff Williams2:42
12.R.W.B.Y. vs Jeff Williams4:12
13.S.S.S.N. vs Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham3:37
14.When It Falls (V.S.Q)by Jeff Williams2:00
15.World of Remnant 1by Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham2:00
16.World of Remnant 2by Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham2:03
17.World of Remnant 3by Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham2:36
18.World of Remnant 4by Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham6:01
19.Round Oneby Jeff Williams5:04
20.New Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham5:04
21.It's Brawl in the Familyby Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham4:20
22.Lessons Learnedby Alex Abraham, Steve Goldshein & Jeff Williams3:56
23.Never Miss a Beatby Alex Abraham, Steve Goldshein & Jeff Williams1:51
24.Fallby Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham6:34
25.Beginning of the Endby Alex Abraham, Steve Goldshein & Jeff Williams5:37
26.Destinyby Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham7:47
27.PvPby Alex Abraham, Steve Goldshein & Jeff Williams8:54
28.Battle of Beaconby Alex Abraham, Steve Goldshein & Jeff Williams8:30
29.Heroes and Monstersby Alex Abraham, Mason Lieberman & Jeff Williams9:54
30.End of the Beginningby Jeff Williams & Alex Abraham10:30

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