RWBY: Volume 5 Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

RWBY: Volume 5 Soundtrackby Various Artists

  • 41 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:23:36


1.The Triumphby Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:14
2.Igniteby Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams & Lamar Hall)4:05
3.Path to Isolationby Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:00
4.Smileby Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:02
5.All Things Must Dieby Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:34
6.This Timeby Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:25
7.All That Mattersby Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:45
8.Gold (Acoustic Version)by Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:43
9.Armed and Ready (Falk Remix)by Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:56
10.Let's Just Live (Harry Lodes Remix)by Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Lee Williams)3:46
11.Welcome to Havenby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)2:21
12.Dread In The Airby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)4:08
13.I Found Him!by Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)1:38
14.Hello Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)2:10
15.Mayday! Lancers!by Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)4:46
16.Thank You, Siennaby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)3:09
17.Progress Takes Patienceby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)3:01
18.First Times All Aroundby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)2:11
19.Jackpotby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)2:21
20.I'm Her Daughter, After Allby Jeff Williams2:17
21.Fighting Shapeby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)2:01
22.Subtlety Is Outby Jeff Williams2:49
23.A Few Signaturesby Jeff Williams2:35
24.Who Would Ask for This?by Jeff Williams3:48
25.Qrow's Rough Dayby Jeff Williams2:11
26.I've Seen That Bird Jeff Williams1:41
27.Dinner & Coffeeby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)4:46
28.When Weiss Was Tenby Jeff Williams3:03
29.A Note from Iliaby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)3:25
30.Battle at the Belladonna'sby Jeff Williams8:27
31.Strength in Forgivenessby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)2:19
32.A Proposal I Can Get Behindby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)3:24
33.Things Aren't Looking Goodby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)2:36
34.Showdown In Haven Academyby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)4:09
35."C" is for Cinderby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)3:15
36.Ooozzzpppiiinnn!!!by Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)4:49
37.The Vaultby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)2:18
38.Look Who's Jeff Williams2:55
39.Take This Fight Outsideby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)4:51
40.Cease Fire!by Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)3:05
41.The Relic & Aftermathby Jeff Williams (feat. Alex Abraham)3:37

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