S&M (Remixes) mp3 Single by Rihanna

S&M (Remixes)by Rihanna

  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 49:11


1.S&M (Dave Audé radio)3:50
2.S&M (Sidney Samson radio)3:20
3.S&M (Joe Bermudez Chico radio)3:49
4.S&M (Dave Audé club)7:29
5.S&M (Sidney Samson club)6:50
6.S&M (Joe Bermudez Chico club)5:17
7.S&M (Dave Audé club dub)6:29
8.S&M (Sidney Samson dub)6:50
9.S&M (Joe Bermudez Chico dub)5:17
Rene Seibert
I love this artist. I have to tell I was a bit surprised by this one and liking her music! I found it to be very light and fresh , twso things that always apeal to me in terms of music! What a great style she has! . Its honest and straight forward. I normally dont get into too much of the R and B or black mjusic or artists but Rhihanna has a sound quality to her songs tghat somehow appeal to me So fellow mp3 lovers, I give her five stars for having the good sense to make her music something a person is able to understand. Til next time Red Rene