Seal II mp3 Album by Seal

Seal IIby Seal

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 50:30


1.Bring It On3:58
2.Prayer For The Dying5:30
3.Dreaming In Metaphors5:52
4.Don't Cry6:18
5.Fast Changes5:41
6.Kiss From A Rose4:48
7.People Asking Why4:46
8.Newborn Friend4:04
9.If I Could4:16
10.I'M Alive4:02
11.Bring It On (Reprise)1:15

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Lord Dweedle
Oh man, Seal really pushes the boundary's for sequel albums.. This album is great, you just cant have Seal 1 without Seal 2. The songs on this are so.. emotional and fantastic, Kiss from a Rose has to be the best track on this album for sure. Again, this is Pop Rock/RnBstyle, most people will love this album. I highly reccomend it.