Seeing Sounds mp3 Album by N.E.R.D.

Seeing Soundsby N.E.R.D.

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:51


1.Time For Some Action3:43
2.Everyone Nose (All The Girls S3:27
4.Anti Matter4:02
6.Yeah You4:07
7.Sooner Or Later6:43
9.Kill Joy4:10
10.Love Bomb4:36
11.You Know What4:31
12.Laugh About It4:04
13.Everyone Nose (Dj Ice Freeze'S2:21
14.Lazer Gun3:52
15.Spaz (Dj Freakiii'S Im Right H3:43
16.My Drive Thru F. Santogold & J4:06
Pharrell Williams states during interviews with pleasure, his volume N*E*R*D with Chad Hugo and Shae points who they are real. So if I may take up this entrance of the colleague sometimes..., nevertheless, he makes substantially sense and can lead after hearing this record only to a knowledge about the tape: They are brilliant proles who lead, besides, still company empires by the blackest figures.

Absolutely are the innovation shine and the surprise effect of Pharrell und Co. long ago water under the bridge. The times in which one was astonished at the beats, at her new invention of angestaubter pop icons and rock icons: passé. And still: At the summit there raves the life. "Seeing of sounds" is one of her quite big productions. N*E*R*D are Hollywood, are big Blockbuster, N*E*R*D are Paris Hilton (everybody finds them supposed about that, but everybody wants what of her, and if she makes a party, one is better present).

They are professionals in the threshold to the Seelenlosigkeit. But just only in the threshold. Since her ambition makes them live still on the zenith not only in the citation, but still sometimes rauszuhauen. The first single "Everyone Nose", for example, is simply a first-class imposition. "American Pie" as a piece of music: wittily, cake-fucking and also still with two thousandths appreciateable. With it she takes second place to the whole album in nothing. And still there are just high-spirited just as boring Blockbuster. N*E*R*D has succeeded, in any case, Ersteres. A motley collection in styles which itself transfers Drum'n'Bass carelessly in own system, and a mood like on the house party of an It-Girls. Farm-clever Konsumismus-HipHop which shows, how nicely capitalism can be real if one has everything.