Send Away the Tigers (10 Year Collectors' Edition) mp3 Album by Manic Street Preachers

Send Away the Tigers (10 Year Collectors' Edition)by Manic Street Preachers

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:14:47


Disk #1

1.Send Away the Tigers3:38
2.Welcome to the Dead Zone3:42
3.Your Love Alone Is Not Enough3:57
4.Indian Summer3:55
5.The Second Great Depression4:09
8.I'm Just a Patsy3:12
9.Imperial Bodybags3:31
11.Working Class Hero2:53
12.Send Away the Tigers (demo, Faster Studios)3:19
13.Underdogs (demo, Faster Studios)2:52
14.Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (demo - 60's Jangle, Faster Studios)4:02
15.Indian Summer (Cassette Home acoustic demo)3:23
16.The Second Great Depression (demo, Faster Studios)4:39
17.Rendition (Cassette Home acoustic demo)2:07
18.Autumnsong (demo, Faster Studios)3:55
19.I'm Just a Patsy (Cassette Home acoustic demo)1:51
20.Imperial Bodybags (demo, Faster Studios)3:31
21.Winterlovers (demo, Faster Studios)3:10

Disk #2

3.Ghost of Christmas3:42
4.Boxes and Lists3:59
5.Love Letter to the Future3:52
6.Little Girl Lost2:17
7.Fearless Punk Ballad4:09
8.Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (Nina Solo acoustic)4:00
9.Red Sleeping Beauty (McCarthy cover)3:18
10.The Long Goodbye2:46
11.Morning Comrades3:16
13.The Vorticists3:23
14.Autumnsong (acoustic version)3:43
15.Anorexic Rodin3:13
16.Heyday of the Blood2:45
17.Foggy Eyes (Beat Happening cover)2:55
18.Lady Lazarus4:11
19.You Know It's Going to Hurt2:50