Serious Beats, Vol.4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Serious Beats, Vol.4by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:59


Disk #1

1.Twilight Zone (Rio & Le Jean mix)by 2 Unlimited4:13
2.For Funby G.N.D.3:51
3.Who Is Elvis?by Phenomania2:58
4.Pure Pleasureby Digital Excitation4:00
5.Curiosityby X Fade4:11
6.Rubb It In (Subtropia remix)by Fierce Ruling Diva3:27
7.Jungle People (It Began in Africa)by Zafari3:45
8.Startouchers (UK remix)by Digital Orgasm3:35
9.Dreamer Dreamby Code Red3:33
10.Nightbirdby Convert4:14
11.The Milkyway (Mindblow remix)by 2 Fabiola4:08
12.Spread Loveby World Series of Life2:41
13.The Ballet (radio edit)by J 'N' J3:43
14.The Feelingby OXY3:51
15.Messenger of Loveby Jade 4U5:10
16.Without Controlby Neon3:50
17.I Want to Push (Traikos mix)by Signal Aout 424:00
18.Violent Wakeby Roel Butzen4:05
19.Liberty & Freedomby Atomizer 23:35
20.Pacific Symphonyby Transformer 23:44

Disk #2

1.Pullover (First remix)by Speedy J3:58
2.House of Godby DHS3:06
3.Destinyby Insider3:33
4.Magic Bells (Final mix)by Two Pieces4:51
5.Voices (original dub mix)by KC Flightt5:04
6.Free the World (radio edit)by Oliver Adams3:19
7.Injected With a Poison (UK remix)by Praga Khan4:02
8.Something for Your Mindby Speedy J4:03
9.Time Problemby Alice D in Wonderland4:14
10.Flirtation in Paradiseby Blasphemy4:00
11.Cactus Is Savedby Plexus3:49
12.My Noiseby Master Techno3:46
13.Satanikaby Joe Inferno3:08
14.Substance Abuseby F.U.S.E.3:33
15.Beat Your Heart Outby The Melody3:56
16.Havocby Mass Hysteria3:53
17.Twin Freaksby The Gateway Experience4:08 Robert Armani3:36
19.Take You Thereby The Noisemaster3:34 Jessie Deep!3:52

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