Serious Beats, Vol.6 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Serious Beats, Vol.6by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:26


Disk #1

1.Don't You Want Me (Hooj mix)by Felix3:12
2.Magic Orchestra (remix)by Frank De Wulf4:18
3.It's a Dream Songby DJ Hooligan3:55
4.High (Cloud 9 mix)by Hyper Go Go4:06
5.Pot of Goldby Chestnut3:52
6.Beat Timeby Sonic Solution3:53
7.Hustle Espanolby Infidus3:57
8.Lifetime Warranty (Solid mix)by Digital Excitation3:04
9.Fantasies of the Mind (dance mix)by Alici4:04
10.Fruit of Love (techno single version)by Transformer 23:30
11.X-Paradise (DJ G. Spot mix)by Hole in One4:01
12.Pleasuresby 909 Bassline3:52
13.Tired of Having to Be Goodby Omniscience4:11
14.Our Reservationby Desperation3:44
15.Nine Is a Classicby Ace the Space4:10
16.Stronger Than Steelby 80 Aum3:47
17.Face the Mastermind (Hard Coded Path mix)by Phantom3:55
18.Dildo (original)by Interactive3:54
19.I Feel Good (feat. Jade 4U)by Praga Khan3:22
20.Inversion (Tribal mix)by DLM3:51

Disk #2

1.Follow Me (club mix)by Aly-Us3:52
2.Hablando (Accordeon mix) (and Pizarro)by Ramirez4:10
3.Nana (Futuristic mix)by N.U.K.E.4:03
4.Forget-Itby World Party II3:45
5.Oumpa Loempa (instrumental)by Aqua Step3:35
6.Heart on the Line (Voodoo Child mix)by Fortran 53:48
7.Deep Inside of Meby TFX3:37
8.Skinflintby Public Ambient3:58
9.Trance Supertronic Co.3:20
10.Mayday Anthemby WestBam3:55
11.Let the Bass Be Louder (In Control techno mix)by Bass Boy3:51
12.Cosmotrashby Trash Man3:51
13.Kunta Kinte (Tribal mix)by 2 Fabiola4:03
14.Magic Control (Saturnus edit)by Synergy3:31
15.Drive My Body (J'n'J 7" mix)by Slackjaw4:06
16.Speed Cityby Gladiators & Slaves3:55
17.Tranzformer (Frankfurt mix)by Crowd Control4:11
18.Do I Feel Luckyby Brainstorm3:40
19.Stomach Substanceby Dr. Fernando3:57
20.Dukkhaby Precious X Project3:40

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