Side Show (Original 2014 Broadway Cast Recording) mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Side Show (Original 2014 Broadway Cast Recording)by Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:18:35


1.Come Look at the Freaksby Robert Joy & Side Show 2014 Broadway Cast6:48
2.I'm Daisy, I'm VIoletby Emily Padgett & Erin Davie0:21
3.Like Everyone Elseby Erin Davie & Emily Padgett2:04
4.Very Well-Connectedby Ryan Silverman & Matthew Hydzik2:11
5.What Brought Him Here?by Emily Padgett, Erin Davie & David St. Louis1:20
6.The Devil You Knowby David St. Louis & Side Show 2014 Broadway Cast4:17
7.A Private Exclusive Showby Matthew Hydzik0:41
8.Typical Girls Next Doorby Emily Padgett & Erin Davie2:06
9.You Should Thank Me Every Dayby Blair Ross, Emily Padgett & Erin Davie0:58
10.Cut Them Apartby Side Show 2014 Broadway Cast, Emily Padgett, Erin Davie & Blair Ross1:50
11.All in the Mindby Javier Ignacio, Emily Padgett & Erin Davie2:52
12.Come See a New Landby Robert Joy, Emily Padgett & Erin Davie2:02
13.Feelings You've Got to Hideby Emily Padgett & Erin Davie2:33
14.Say Goodbye to the Sideshowby Erin Davie, Emily Padgett, Ryan Silverman & David St. Louis3:42
15.Ready to Playby Emily Padgett & Erin Davie4:00
16.The Interviewby Ryan Silverman, Emily Padgett & Erin Davie3:23
17.Buddy Kissed Meby Erin Davie & Emily Padgett1:22
18.Who Will Love Me As I Am?by Erin Davie & Emily Padgett3:02
19.Stuck With You/Leave Me Aloneby Matthew Hydzik, Barrett Martin, Emily Padgett & Erin Davie4:29
20.Private Conversationby Ryan Silverman & Emily Padgett7:06
21.One Plus One Equals Threeby Matthew Hydzik, Emily Padgett & Erin Davie3:34
22.You Should Be Lovedby David St. Louis & Erin Davie5:21
23.Great Wedding Showby Matthew Hydzik, Ryan Silverman, Emily Padgett & Erin Davie3:49
24.I Will Never Leave Youby Erin Davie & Emily Padgett3:08
25.Finaleby Erin Davie & Emily Padgett2:53
26.Sideshow (Bonus Track)by Emily Padgett & Erin Davie2:43