Sleeping With Ghosts mp3 Album by Placebo

Sleeping With Ghostsby Placebo

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:50


1.Bulletproof Cupid2:22
2.English Summer Rain4:01
3.This Picture3:35
4.Sleeping With Ghosts4:39
5.The Bitter End3:10
6.Something Rotten5:28
8.Special Needs5:16
9.I'Ll Be Yours3:32
10.Second Sight2:50
11.Protect Me From What I Want3:15
13.056 Evalia4:20
14.057 Drink You Pretty3:55
Richard Rowe
This is album number four from this bizarre Glam-rock / Brit-pop trio. While their previous release was somewhat disappointing they have more them redeemed themselves this time round.

The album opens with the fast and furious instrumental ‘Bulletproof cupid.’ From this point on the album seems to be a balance of Placebo’s two extremes. On the one hand there are the heavy, energetic rock tunes such as ‘English summer rain’ and ‘This picture.’ On the other hand there are the darker moody tracks such as the title track and the creepy chaotic ‘something rotten.’

‘Protect me from what I want’ is a major highlight in which the dark and energetic elements are put together successfully. The album closes with the beautiful piano driven ‘Centerfolds.’

Placebo has defiantly stepped up a level from their previous release "Black Market Music." There is a lot more life and atmosphere on offer as all songs on offer is very solid.

This is defiantly a return to form for Placebo. It’s not quite as good as their debut self titled album or "Without you I’m nothing" but it’s a solid release that suggests there is still more good sounds to come.