Slip of the Tongue (30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Whitesnake

Slip of the Tongue (30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition)by Whitesnake

  • 103 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:26:00


Disk #1

1.Slip of the Tongue5:22
2.Kittens Got Claws4:46
3.Cheap an' Nasty3:28
4.Now You're Gone4:13
5.The Deeper the Love4:20
6.Judgment Day5:17
7.Sailing Ships5:59
8.Wings of the Storm5:01
9.Slow Poke Music3:58
10.Fool for Your Loving4:09
11.Sweet Lady Luck4:34
12.Now You're Gone (Chris Lord-Alge single remix)4:07
13.Fool for Your Loving (Vai Voltage mix)4:18
14.Slip of the Tongue (alternate intro & breakdown)4:53
15.Cheap an' Nasty (alternate solo & end)3:35
16.Judgment Day (alternate & extended solos)5:31
17.Fool for Your Loving (alternate AOR mix with CHR intro)4:09

Disk #2

1.Slip of the Tongue Interview1:24
2.Slip of the Tongue5:10
3.Cheap an' Nasty Interview1:57
4.Cheap an' Nasty3:22
5.Fool for Your Loving Interview2:50
6.Fool for Your Loving4:09
7.Now You're Gone Interview2:13
8.Now You're Gone4:13
9.Kittens Got Claws Interview2:06
10.Kittens Got Claws4:58
11.Wings of the Storm Interview1:57
12.Wings of the Storm4:59
13.The Deeper the Love Interview1:26
14.The Deeper the Love4:20
15.Judgment Day Interview1:37
16.Judgment Day5:17
17.Slow Poke Music Interview2:37
18.Slow Poke Music3:58
19.Sailing Ships Interview2:01
20.Sailing Ships5:58
21.Closing Interview1:58

Disk #3

1.Slip of the Tongue6:58
2.Cheap an' Nasty5:48
3.Now You're Gone6:01
4.Judgment Day6:25
5.Sailing Ships8:31
6.Kittens Got Claws6:28
7.The Deeper the Love6:33
8.Wings of the Storm4:48
9.Slow Poke Music5:07
10.Fool for Your Loving4:27
11.Kill for the Cut5:46
12.Parking Ticket4:57
13.Sweet Lady Luck (instrumental)3:20

Disk #4

1.Kittens Got Claws4:57
2.Cheap an' Nasty3:29
3.The Deeper the Love4:38
4.Judgment Day5:52
5.Slow Poke Music4:01
6.Now You're Gone4:10
7.Slip of the Tongue5:25
8.Fool for Your Loving4:15
9.Wings of the Storm4:57
10.Sailing Ships6:09
11.Sweet Lady Luck4:33
12.Parking Ticket3:37
13.Kill for the Cut (In Desperate Search of a Melody)4:35
14.Burning Heart4:31
15.Ain't Gonna Cry No More (instrumental)4:41
16.We Wish You Well1:36

Disk #5

1.Slow Poke Music4:22
2.Slip of the Tongue5:19
3.Judgment Day6:02
4.Now You're Gone4:41
5.Wings of the Storm5:38
6.Sailing Ships7:01
7.Liquor and Poker4:37
8.Parking Ticket4:28
9.Kill for the Cut5:04
10.Ain't Gonna Cry No More1:08
11.We Wish You Well1:52
12.We Wish You Well (instrumental)1:24
13.Wheezy & Sometimes Very Naughty Interludes (Be Warned!)4:34
14.Now You're Gone (revisited)2:55
15.Death Disco1:35
16.Whitesnake Boogie2:20
17.Mike Clink's Shoes Blues1:24
18.Snake Shuffle (instrumental)0:39
20.Dementia Polka0:40
21.Kill for the Cut Blues2:47
22.Cuban Heel Blues2:11
23.Adje's Blues2:58

Disk #6

1.Slip of the Tongue6:47
2.Slide It In5:03
3.Judgment Day5:56
4.Slow an' Easy7:40
5.Kittens Got Claws4:59
6.Is This Love4:46
7.Cheap an' Nasty4:28
8.Crying in the Rain8:02
9.Fool for Your Loving5:25
10.Here I Go Again5:11
11.Bad Boys6:18
12.Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City5:57
13.Still of the Night7:59