So Frenchy So Chic 2009 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

So Frenchy So Chic 2009by Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:54:54


Disk #1

1.7 Heures Du Matinby Jacqueline Taieb2:16
2.Come To Meby Mathieu Boogaerts2:24
3.L'Idéalby Barbara Carlotti3:27
4.My Boatby Melissa Laveaux4:17
5.Un Baiser Une Bombeby David Lafore Cinq Têtes3:37
6.Let'S Party!by Laetitia Shériff3:15
7.Ça Mousseby Superbus3:10
8.L'Effet Jokariby Coralie Clément2:56
9.Toi Et Moiby Tryo3:26
10.Pourquoi Pas Moiby Stella2:51
11.Je Ne Rêve Plusby Mansfi Eld Tya2:24
12.I Love The Way You Treat Meby Meringue Alcohol And Us4:16
13.Petite (Featuring Rose)by Bensé3:29
14.La Nuitby Julien Ribot3:20
15.J'Irai Mélanger Les Couleursby Kaolin4:02
16.The Bridge Is Brokenby The Dø4:42

Disk #2

1.J'aime Dormirby Feliepecha2:41
2.Le Grand Sommeilby Ginger Ale4:11
3.Concreteby Michael Robinson4:09
4.Demainby Berry2:47
5.Spider's Touchby Marie Modiano3:35
6.Sisterby Emily Loizeau3:12
7.Sorsby Buridane4:15
8.La Vie à Deuxby Zaza Fournier2:58
9.Dans Te Yeuxby Anis4:00
10.Workby Helena Noguerra2:37
11.Je N'aime Que Toiby Ludivine Sagnier2:37
12.Bruisesby Mélanie Pain3:47
13.La Vie Cajiinby Féloche3:19
14.Jimmyby Moriarty4:22
15.Zenby Rokia Traoré4:29
16.Mister Pom-Pom (Featuring Tony C)by Vicelow3:15
17.Peter Pan (Featuring Cocorosie)by Spleen4:48
Mp3Caprice Moderator
The collection of chanson, indie and latest French pop, similar to siren songs echo, will attract you to the journey to surprisingly exciting corners of Gallic landscape of music. Starting from the playful rap of Vicelow’s Mr Pom Pom and the sluggish, indifferent tunes of Jacqueline Taieb’s 7am to the melancholic whisper of The Do’s The Bridge is Broken - with a jokey splashes of rock, folk and soul. There is your possibility to check the music and discover a diverse and rich land of sounds.