Some Girls (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by The Rolling Stones

Some Girls (Deluxe Edition)by The Rolling Stones

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:06:48


Disk #1

1.Miss You4:49
2.When the Whip Comes Down4:21
3.Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)4:38
4.Some Girls4:37
6.Far Away Eyes4:24
8.Before They Make Me Run3:25
9.Beast of Burden4:25

Disk #2

1.Claudine (2011 Version)3:42
2.So Young (2011 Version)3:19
3.Do You Think I Really Care (2011 Version)4:22
4.When You're Gone (2011 Version)3:52
5.No Spare Parts (2011 Version)4:31
6.Don't Be A Stranger (2011 Version)4:06
7.We Had It All (2011 Version)2:54
8.Tallahassee Lassie (2011 Version)2:37
9.I Love You Too Much (2011 Version)3:11
10.Keep Up Blues (2011 Version)4:21
11.You Win Again (2011 Version)3:00
12.Petrol Blues (2011 Version)1:36
13.Fiji Jim (Bonus Track - Unreleased)3:53
14.Everlasting Is My Love (Bonus Track - Unreleased)5:01
15.I Need You (Bonus Track - Unreleased)3:41
16.It's A Lie (Bonus Track - Unreleased)4:36
17.Never Make You Cry (Bonus Track - Unreleased)4:45
18.Misty Roads (Bonus Track - Unreleased)4:35

Disk #3

1.Miss You (7" Edit)3:38
2.Far Away Eyes (7" Edit)3:47
3.Miss You (12" Special Disco Version)8:36
4.Everything Is Turning To Gold (B-side)4:07
5.Before They Make Me Run (Bob Clearmountain Remix)3:20
6.Miss You (Extended '8-track' Version)5:39
7.When The Whip Comes Down (Unreleased Extended Version)6:19
8.Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (Unreleased Alternate Take)6:49
9.Some Girls (Unreleased Extended Version)5:14
10.Lies (Unreleased Full Length Version)3:56
11.Far Away Eyes (Unreleased Alternate Take)5:21
12.Respectable (Unreleased Alternate Take)3:53
13.Before They Makke Me Run (Unreleased Alternate Take)4:50
14.Beast Of Burden (Extended '8-track' Version)5:19
15.Shattered (Edited '8-track' Version)2:45
16.Everything Is Turning To Gold (Unreleased Extended Version)4:29
Dianna West
This is THE album you must have if you like the Stones. Great hits and wonderful tracks fill the 3 CD package. You can't go wrong with these prices!