Somewhere Back in Time: The Best of 1980-1989 mp3 Artist Compilation by Iron Maiden

Somewhere Back in Time: The Best of 1980-1989by Iron Maiden

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:59


1.Churchill's Speech0:50
2.Aces High (live)4:38
3.2 Minutes to Midnight6:02
4.The Trooper4:12
5.Wasted Years5:07
6.Children of the Damned4:37
7.The Number of the Beast4:52
8.Run to the Hills3:54
9.Phantom of the Opera (live)7:11
10.The Evil That Men Do4:35
11.Wrathchild (live)3:05
12.Can I Play With Madness3:32
14.Hallowed Be Thy Name7:14
15.Iron Maiden (live)4:21
Somewhere Back in Time covers Iron Maidens first 10 years. This compilation is no slouch. It has all of the popular Maiden tracks from the 1980's like 2 Minutes to Midnight, The Trooper, The Number of the Beast, and Can I play with Madness. Obviously I didn't list them all, but that's because there are just to many to list. You also get a few live tracks (Bruce on vocals) like Phantom of the Opera, Wrathchild, and Ace's High. This would be an excellent starter album if you've just discovered Iron Maiden (which I doubt). Mp3 caprice has it in 320 bit, so it's a no brainer.