Songs About Jane mp3 Album by Maroon 5

Songs About Janeby Maroon 5

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 46:03


1.Harder To Breathe2:54
2.This Love3:27
4.She Will Be Loved4:18
6.The Sun4:12
7.Must Get Out3:59
8.Sunday Morning4:06
10.Through With You3:02
11.Not Coming Home4:21
12.Sweetest Goodbye4:31
I've been a long-time fan of Maroon 5's music, and I have to say this is their best album to date. It has everything any music consumer might want; sick guitar riffs, killer drums, and excellent lyrical content. Their sound in this album is like no other. Not only do they rope you in with catchy melodies and tight hooks, they do it in a way that leaves you craving more of their funky, rockin' R&B infused deliciousness. Fans of rock and roll, pop, funk, R&B, and classic rock alike will enjoy every single beautifully crafted track in this album.

My personal favorite songs from the album are "Through With You," "Sunday Morning," and "Shiver." These are the songs what I believe truly showcases their prowess. James Valentine's mastery of the guitar, Ryan Dusick's beautifully crafted drum patterns and Adam Levine's flawless vocals will leave you in awe and wondering if there ever was a better album created.
Johnny Golden
The best Maroon 5 album in the collection. Yes, the album came out in 2002, but it still carries some much texture and volume. The first time I heard the album was on Laguna Beach, as the title song was, "Secret." It was a great tone for the show and nice melody. It take a while to get going, but once it does it has heavy lyrics and a great sound.

The think that make you want to pick this album up is there sound. Their melody is soft and nice that you can slow dance to, but also has some R&B flavor to it. The genre of the band is labeled as Rock, which it also has. Thats the great thing about the album, you can label it in so many different ways and it deliveres. There's R&B sound in the song, "Shiver." Pop in "She Will Be Loved," Rock and Alternative in "Sunday Morning."

Great album. Great get