Southern Nights & Basic mp3 Artist Compilation by Glen Campbell

Southern Nights & Basicby Glen Campbell

  • 24 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 1:11:48


1.Southern Nights3:00
2.This Is Sarah's Song2:36
3.For Cryin' Out Loud3:06
4.God Only Knows3:22
6.Guide Me2:28
7.Early Morning Song3:35
8.(I'm Getting) Used To The Crying2:51
9.Let Go3:32
10.How High Did We Go?3:07
11.(You've Got To) Sing It Nice And Loud For Me Sonny2:49
12.Stranger In The Mirror3:47
13.Can You Fool3:12
14.I See Love2:17
15.(When I Feel Like) I Got No Love In Me3:28
16.Love Takes You Higher2:43
17.Never Tell You No Lies2:23
18.I'm Gonna Love You3:25
20.Let's All Sing A Song About It3:16
21.Grafhaidh Me Thu2:41
22.Another Fine Mess2:32
24.You've Still Got A Place In My Heart2:29