Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2 (Original Series Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Jeff Russo

Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2 (Original Series Soundtrack)by Jeff Russo

  • 39 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:39:40


1.The Final Frontierby Jeff Russo4:33
2.Christopher Pikeby Jeff Russo2:21
3.Lost Communicationby Jeff Russo2:10
4.What’s Wrongby Jeff Russo1:28
5.All Of Themby Jeff Russo2:41
6.I’m Coming Backby Jeff Russo1:40
7.Flashbackby Jeff Russo3:30
8.Stuckby Jeff Russo1:44
9.The Cathedralby Jeff Russo2:53
10.He’ll Never Know Meby Jeff Russo1:20
11.The Sphereby Jeff Russo0:44
12.Quarantinedby Jeff Russo1:04
13.Shieldsby Jeff Russo3:06
14.Questionsby Jeff Russo1:23
15.Preyby Jeff Russo3:34
16.The Hullby Jeff Russo4:06
17.Airlockby Jeff Russo2:04
18.Ariam In Spaceby Jeff Russo2:36
19.Fiercely Loyalby Jeff Russo3:06
20.Song Of Remembranceby Jeff Russo1:00
21.On Siteby Jeff Russo4:29
22.Two Minutesby Jeff Russo2:49
23.Big Pictureby Jeff Russo2:39
24.Goneby Jeff Russo4:46
25.What Do They Call Youby Jeff Russo1:38
26.Pillar Of The Pastby Jeff Russo5:01
27.Failureby Jeff Russo2:44
28.Essential Personnelby Jeff Russo2:18
29.Goodbyesby Jeff Russo3:00
30.Pike On The Bridgeby Jeff Russo3:07
31.Readyby Jeff Russo3:15
32.Time Travelerby Jeff Russo2:46
33.Changeby Jeff Russo1:42
34.Goodbye, Pikeby Jeff Russo3:41
35.Spock’s Personal Logby Jeff Russo4:43
36.Star Trek Discovery End Credits (Season 2 Finale Version)by Jeff Russo1:05
37.Many Mudds (Previously Unreleased From Short Treks “The Escape Artist”)by Jeff Russo1:00
38.Star Trek Short Treks End Credits (Lounge Version From Short Treks “The Escape Artist”)by Jeff Russo1:35
39.Star Trek Short Treks Main Title (Disco Version From Short Treks “The Escape Artist”)by Jeff Russo0:19