Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith mp3 Soundtrack by John Williams

Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge Of The Sithby John Williams

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:50


1.Star Wars / The Revenge of the Sithby John Williams7:31
2.Anakin's Dreamby John Williams4:46
3.Battle of the Heroesby John Williams3:42
4.Anakin's Betrayalby John Williams4:04
5.General Grievousby John Williams4:07
6.Palpatine's Teachingsby John Williams5:25
7.Grievous and the Droidsby John Williams3:28
8.Padmé's Ruminationsby John Williams3:17
9.Anakin vs. Obi-Wanby John Williams3:57
10.Anakin's Dark Deedsby John Williams4:05
11.Enter Lord Vaderby John Williams4:14
12.The Immolation Sceneby John Williams2:42
13.Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidiousby John Williams2:49
14.The Birth of the Twins / Padmé's Destinyby John Williams3:37
15.A New Hope / End Creditsby John Williams13:06

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"Star Wars" fandom is kind of a relic of my teenage years I used to have all six soundtracks on CD. This is the only one I kept. Even if you're not keen on the prequel films themselves, the soundtrack for "Revenge of the Sith" is a typically high quality example of John William's compositions. It's a classical-style score performed exquisitely by the London Symphony Orchestra, with choral sections by the London Voices. I consider it the most approachable of the six: it's not one of those 'complete' film scores where you have wade through all the background and in-between music to get to the main themes, it cuts right to the chase and gives me the highlights I want.

"Star Wars / Revenge of the Sith": the classic opening fanfare that graces all six movies and is instantly recognizable the world o'er! This intro track takes you through the opening crawl and into the first scene (a climactic space-battle).

"Anakin's Dream": a melancholy rendition of the main couple's love theme from the previous film. Anakin's dream is of course a premonition of his wife's death, and the music gets louder and tense to accompany these dream scenes. Lots of dramatic strings, harps, etc.

"Battle of the Heroes": if you're interested in getting any of the soundtrack to "Revenge of the Sith" this track is a must-have, IMO. The mournful, dramatic, exciting choral piece that takes you through Obi-Wan's tragic duel with former protege Anakin, now Darth Vader. There's truly not a dull moment in this track.

"Anakin's Betrayal": one of those weepy scenes in the movie where all the Jedi are being brutally killed, including the children at the Temple. The track is befittingly sombre and if you're the sentimental type might jerk a tear or two.

"General Grievous": a nice stirring track to greet the movie's cybernetic villain. The character is a pretty cool piece of CGI if you're into that kind of thing, but the track is sufficiently classic for "Star Wars".

"Palpatine's Teachings" sets the mood for an ominous scene where bad guy Palpatine starts putting ideas of the "dark side" into Anakin's mind. Quiet and eerie. "Padme's Ruminations" is another kind of quiet track where you need to know the setting, an emotional scene where Anakin and Padme share an empathetic 'link' across the city. Padme's anxious thoughts are with him as Anakin contemplates the drastic measures that will lead to her death.

"Anakin vs Obi-Wan", "Enter Lord Vader", "The Immolation Scene" - if you know the movie these titles may remind you of how depressing the movie gets! Anakin slaughtering Jedi and Separatists, fighting his best friend, being immolated. The music is suitably dramatic, intense, and dark. "Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious" is a bit out of sequence on the soundtrack but keeps the latter portion from being a total downer, lol.

"Birth of the Twins / Padme's Destiny": a mournful track with gentle string sections that play during Luke and Leia's birth. And then you get the funeral dirge for Padme (cry!). Beautiful. Sad. This track covers some critical sections at the end of the movie and captures the emotion intensely.

"A New Hope / End Credits": includes a sweeping rendition of Luke and Leia's themes from the classic films. And the movie closes with the famous Tatooine binary sunset. The closing credits are accompanied by bits of the movie's main themes, e.g. "Battle of the Heroes." Five star review for this album if you're into instrumental soundtracks. Now go watch Episode IV!