Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection (Expanded Edition) mp3 Artist Compilation by Kylie Minogue

Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection (Expanded Edition)by Kylie Minogue

  • 68 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:39:31


Disk #1

1.Can't Get You out of My Head3:50
2.Spinning Around3:27
3.Love at First Sight3:57
5.In Your Eyes3:17
7.All the Lovers3:19
8.I Believe in You3:19
9.In My Arms3:31
10.On a Night like This3:31
11.Your Disco Needs You3:31
12.Please Stay4:04
13.2 Hearts2:51
14.Red Blooded Woman4:19
15.The One4:00
16.Come into My World4:04
18.Get Outta My Way3:38
20.Kids (with Robbie Williams)4:17
21.Stop Me from Falling3:01
22.New York City3:21

Disk #2

1.Step Back in Time3:05
2.Better the Devil You Know3:54
3.Hand on Your Heart3:51
4.Wouldn't Change a Thing3:14
5.Shocked (DNA 7" Mix)3:08
6.Especially For You4:00
7.I Should Be So Lucky3:24
9.The Loco-Motion (7" Mix)3:13
10.Give Me Just a Little More Time3:08
11.Never Too Late3:23
12.Got to Be Certain3:19
13.Tears On My Pillow2:30
14.Je ne sais pas pourquoi4:02
15.What Kind of Fool? (Heard All That Before)3:44
16.What Do I Have to Do?3:33
17.Confide in Me (Radio Mix)4:26
18.Breathe (Radio Edit)3:38
19.Put Yourself in My Place (Radio Mix)4:10
20.Where the Wild Roses Grow (2011 - Remaster)3:56

Disk #3

1.Into the Blue4:09
2.I Was Gonna Cancel3:33
3.Chocolate (Radio Edit)3:59
4.Did It Again (Radio Edit)3:46
5.Some Kind of Bliss (Radio Edit)3:34
6.Word Is Out3:35
7.If You Were with Me Now (with Keith Washington)3:11
8.It's No Secret3:58
9.Step Back in Time (Section; F9 Megamix)0:18
10.I Should Be So Lucky (F9 Megamix)2:09
11.What Do I Have to Do? (F9 Megamix)2:15
12.Hand on Your Heart (F9 Megamix)2:30
13.Better the Devil You Know (F9 Megamix)1:38
14.Shocked (DNA Mix; F9 Megamix)2:14
15.Step Back in Time (F9 Megamix)2:22
16.Confide in Me (F9 Megamix)2:27
17.On a Night like This (F9 Megamix)2:41
18.Your Disco Needs You (F9 Megamix)3:31
19.Spinning Around (F9 Megamix)2:24
20.Love at First Sight (F9 Megamix)2:53
21.Can't Get Blue Monday out of My Head (F9 Megamix)3:47
22.The One (Instrumental, F9 Megamix)0:15
23.Slow (Acapella, F9 Megamix)1:18
24.The One (F9 Megamix)1:35
25.All the Lovers (F9 Megamix)3:16
26.Dancing (F9 Megamix)3:01

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