Stereo Productions: Best Of 2018 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Stereo Productions: Best Of 2018by Various Artists

  • 52 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:30:24


1.Best Of 2018 (continuous DJ mix 1)by Various Artists1:00:08
2.Best Of 2018 (continuous DJ mix 2)by Various Artists1:00:11
3.The Sun (vocal mix) (and Dennis Cruz)by Chus & Ceballos5:42
4.I'm Feelin (original mix)by Franky Rizardo6:18
5.Ain't Nobody (original mix)by Chus & Ceballos6:43
6.You Got It (Danny Serrano remix) (and Dario D'Attis)by Markus Homm6:10
7.Your Light Shines On (Chus & Ceballos remix)by Carl Cox6:59
8.Basic Instinct (original mix) (and Joe Red)by Javi Colors6:24
9.Fernet Tastes Good (Chus & Ceballos remix)by Los Coming Soon7:07
10.Roi Perc (original mix)by Matt Sassari6:10
11.Strobe Light Laser Acid (Chus & Ceballos remix)by DJ Pierre6:43
12.Bassmore (dub mix)by Danny Serrano5:50
13.Sostenido (original mix) (and Oscar L)by Chus & Ceballos6:30
14.More I Want U (original mix)by Chus & Ceballos8:27
15.Killer Track (original mix)by Flashmob6:22
16.Down For It (Alternative mix) (and Danny Serrano)by Chus & Ceballos6:44
17.Cinko (original mix)by Franky Rizardo6:09
18.Wazzup (Chus & Ceballos remix)by Pirupa6:09
19.Need You More (original mix)by Joeski6:15
20.Crying Girl (feat Coco - Paride Saraceni mix)by Dorian Craft7:01
21.Amapola (Stereo edit)by FIIN6:44
22.Rock Planet (original mix)by Fabio Neural6:47
23.Aura (original mix)by Oscar L7:13
24.Deep Glow (original mix)by Dosem6:16
25.Wakanda (original mix) (and Do Santos)by Wilian Kraupp6:31
26.Drop It (original mix)by Danny Serrano6:43
27.EleguA (original mix)by Joeski6:21
28.Omamori (original mix) (and Who Else)by Anhauser8:06
29.Lets Get It Up (original mix)by Vidaloca6:14
30.Bumping The Acid (original mix)by Hector Couto5:36
31.Get Down (Stereo edit)by Allen7:02
32.Jungle (original mix)by Danny Serrano6:31
33.Totally (F*cked mix)by Doc Brown6:03
34.Raw Drums (original mix)by Marciano6:13
35.Beat & Danzin' (Beat & Danzin')by David Herrero6:55
36.Back To Acid (original mix) (and Danny Serrano)by Chus & Ceballos6:25
37.Effective (original mix)by Bassel Darwish5:42
38.I Wanna Ask You Something (original mix)by Hollen6:54
39.Hijack (original mix)by Wilian Kraupp7:14
40.Back To Funk (original mix)by Karretero6:01
41.Road To The Groove (original mix)by Mirko Di Florio6:24
42.You (original mix) (and Muter)by Elio Riso7:07
43.Dirty Doze (original mix)by Andrew Meller7:14
44.Gimme Love (original mix)by Picca & Mars6:50
45.The Amor (dub mix)by Rafa Barrios6:18
46.Babies Never Stop (original mix) (and Chinonegro)by Cris Ocana6:39
47.Ya Foye (original mix) (and Do Santos)by Wilian Kraupp6:15
48.Zakuturu (original MIx)by Harvy Valencia7:49
49.Chaman (original mix)by Fran Hernandez6:30
50.Motivata (Motivata) (and Carlos Mendoza)by Elias R6:07
51.Not Everything Is Negative (original mix)by DJ Dep6:20
52.Let's Boogie (original mix)by Pirupa7:18