Sugar And Spice (Japanese Edition) by The Searchers

Sugar And Spice (Japanese Edition)

by The Searchers

  • 27 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 1:09:58


1.Sugar And Spice2:17
2.Don't Cha Know2:03
3.Some Other Guy2:09
4.One Of These Days2:18
5.Listen To Me2:12
6.Unhappy Girls2:39
7.Ain't That Just Like Me2:25
8.Oh My Lover2:25
9.Saints And Searchers3:17
10.Cherry Stones2:29
11.All My Sorrows3:26
12.Hungry For Love2:24
13.Saturday Night Out [Bonus]1:45
14.C'est de Notre Age (Sugar And Spice) [Bonus]2:16
15.Suhlst Sie (Sugar And Spice) [Bonus]2:15
16.Ils la Chantaient II y a Longtemps (Saints And Searchers) [Bonus]3:19
17.Bye Bye Johnny [Bonus]2:46
18.Farmer John (Swedish Radio Sessions) [Bonus]2:19
19.Money (That's What I Want) (Swedish Radio Sessions) [Bonus]3:06
20.Sweets For My Sweet (Swedish Radio Sessions) [Bonus]2:47
21.Ain't That Just Like Me (Swedish Radio Sessions) [Bonus]2:33
22.Let The Four Winds Blow (Swedish Radio Sessions) [Bonus]2:49
23.Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya (Swedish Radio Sessions) [Bonus]2:15
24.Some Other Guy (Swedish Radio Sessions) [Bonus]2:37
25.Alright (Swedish Radio Sessions) [Bonus]2:26
26.Needles And Pins (Swedish Radio Sessions) [Bonus]2:27
27.What'd I Say (Swedish Radio Sessions) [Bonus]4:14