Suicide Season mp3 Album by Bring Me The Horizon
  • 10 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 42:15


1.The Comedown (Album Version)4:09
2.Chelsea Smile (Album Version)5:03
3.It Was Written In Blood (Album4:03
4.Death Breath (Album Version)4:21
5.Football Season Is Over (Album1:56
6.Sleep With One Eye Open (Album4:16
7.Diamonds Aren't Forever (Album3:48
8.The Sadness Will Never End (Al5:22
9.No Need For Introductions, I'V1:00
10.Suicide Season (Album Version)8:17
I think Bring Me the Horizon took a big step away from their previous albums on this one. They boast a more melodic Metalcore sound than the previous Deathcore. This album is packed with insane vocals, super clean guitar riffs, and blistering drums. A must have for any Bring Me the Horizon fan.