Superman: The Music (1978-1988) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Superman: The Music (1978-1988)by Various Artists

  • 189 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 9:50:25


Disk #1

1.Theme From Supermanby John Williams4:29
2.Prelude and Main Titleby John Williams5:05
3.The Planet Kryptonby John Williams6:40
4.Destruction of Kryptonby John Williams7:54
5.The Kryptonquakeby John Williams2:25
6.The Trip to Earthby John Williams2:32
7.Growing Upby John Williams2:36
8.Jonathan's Deathby John Williams3:27
9.Leaving Homeby John Williams4:51
10.The Fortress of Solitudeby John Williams9:24
11.The Muggerby John Williams2:09
12.Lex Luthor's Lairby John Williams4:53
13.Helicopter Sequenceby John Williams5:58
14.The Burglar Sequence / Chasing Crooksby John Williams3:21
15.Super Rescuesby John Williams2:19
16.The Penthouseby John Williams1:35
17.The Flying Sequenceby John Williams8:13
18.Clark Loses His Nerveby John Williams0:46

Disk #2

1.The March of the VIllainsby John Williams3:39
2.The Truck Convoy / Miss Teschmacher Helpsby John Williams3:26
3.To the Lairby John Williams2:20
4.Trajectory Malfunction / Luthor's Lethal Weaponby John Williams3:27
5.Chasing Rocketsby John Williams4:57
6.Superfeatsby John Williams4:56
7.Pushing Boulders / Flying to Loisby John Williams5:26
8.Turning Back the Worldby John Williams2:06
9.The Prison Yard / End Titleby John Williams6:40
10.Love Theme From Supermanby John Williams5:08
11.Alternates: Prelude and Main Titleby John Williams3:48
12.Alternates: The Planet Kryptonby John Williams3:19
13.Alternates: The Dome Opensby John Williams2:32
14.Alternates: The Muggerby John Williams1:27
15.Alternates: I Can Fly (Flying Sequence Segment)by John Williams2:03
16.Alternates: Can You Read My Mind (film version)by John Williams3:04
17.Alternates: Trajectory Malfunctionby John Williams1:03
18.Alternates: Turning Back the Worldby John Williams2:20
19.Alternates: The Prison Yard / End Title (film version)by John Williams5:45

Disk #3

1.Preface / VIllains in Zone / Main Title Marchby Ken Thorne8:21
2.Superman to Paris / Lois Climbs Towerby Ken Thorne2:49
3.Walkie-Talkies / Gelignite Bangs / Superman Saves Liftby Ken Thorne2:10
4.Releasing the VIllainsby Ken Thorne1:36
5.Orange Juice / Prison Intro / My Little Black Boxby Ken Thorne1:51
6.Ursa Flies Over Moon / Spacecraft Wrecked / Moon to Earthby Ken Thorne4:05
7.Lex Escapesby Ken Thorne2:07
8.Sleeping Arrangements / Relaxing at Niagara / Looks Familiar / Superman Saves Boyby Ken Thorne3:33
9.Lex and Miss Teschmacher to Fortress / Lex Plans Partnershipby Ken Thorne2:39
10.Suspecting Lois Takes the Plunge / Clark Fumbles Rescue / VIllains Land by Lakeby Ken Thorne3:37
11.Clark Exposed as Supermanby Ken Thorne3:13
12.Sheriff and Duane Meet VIllains / Lovers Fly Northby Ken Thorne2:24
13.Daddy's Rise and Fall / Flight for Flowers / East Houston Battleby Ken Thorne3:06
14.Lovers at Dinner Table / Zod Meets Generalby Ken Thorne1:38
15.Mother's Adviceby Ken Thorne1:52
16.To Bed / Mount Rushmore / Sweet Dreamsby Ken Thorne1:35
17.President Kneels Before Zodby Ken Thorne1:55
18.Fight in Dinerby Ken Thorne1:06
19.Clark to Fortressby Ken Thorne2:44
20.Return of the Green Crystal / Bored Zodby Ken Thorne2:19
21.Non Wrecks Officeby Ken Thorne1:30
22.Aerial Battle / Zod Throws Slab / Superman Saves Spireby Ken Thorne4:52
23.Superman Saves Petrol Tanker / Superman Fights Zod / Superman Flies Offby Ken Thorne4:31
24.Villains Take Lex and Lois to Fortress / School Gamesby Ken Thorne3:13
25.Superman Pulls Big Switch / Superman Triumphs Over VIllainsby Ken Thorne1:59
26.Sad Returnby Ken Thorne1:40
27.Lois Forgetsby Ken Thorne1:48
28.Happy Lois Back to Normal / Superman Replaces Stars and Stripes / End Title Marchby Ken Thorne5:34

Disk #4

1.Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis)by Ken Thorne5:29
2.Gus on Computer After the Centsby Ken Thorne1:08
3.Saving the Factory / The Acid Testby Ken Thorne6:15
4.Pay Day for Gus / School Gym / Earth Angel / Vulcanby Ken Thorne1:39
5.Lana and Clark in Cornfield / Clark Rescues Rickyby Ken Thorne2:29
6.Gus Shows the Booze / Gus Finds a Wayby Ken Thorne1:21
7.Montageby Ken Thorne3:12
8.Colombian Stormby Ken Thorne1:32
9.Kryptonite / Gus Down Building / Searching for Kryptoniteby Ken Thorne2:18
10.Lana and Clark on Telephone / Kryptonite Sting / Superman Affected by Kryptonite / Superman Too Lateby Ken Thorne1:51
11.Tower of Pisa / What Will It Do for Meby Ken Thorne2:00
12.Superman and Lorelei on Statue / Superman Ruins Tankerby Ken Thorne2:22
13.Boxes in Canyon / Drunken Supermanby Ken Thorne3:24
14.The Two Faces of Supermanby Ken Thorne2:54
15.The Struggle Withinby Ken Thorne2:29
16.The Final VIctoryby Ken Thorne2:19
17.Preparing Balloons / Superman Coming / Computerby Ken Thorne3:04
18.Rockets / VIdeo Games / Big Missileby Ken Thorne3:15
19.Superman Confronts Ross / Computer Takes Over / Gus Fights Rossby Ken Thorne2:16
20.The Computer Comes Alive / Superman Leaves Computer Caveby Ken Thorne2:35
21.Metal Vera / Computer Blows Upby Ken Thorne2:57
22.Gus Flying With Supermanby Ken Thorne1:22
23.Diamond Sting / Thank You Superman / Superman Gus / Clark Gives Lana Diamond Ringby Ken Thorne1:43
24.End Creditsby Ken Thorne4:28

Disk #5

1.Fanfare / Space Saverby Alexander Courage1:48
2.Main Title / Back in Timeby Alexander Courage5:43
3.Pow! / Good Morningby Alexander Courage2:48
4.Smoke the Yokes / Nefariousby Alexander Courage1:06
5.To Work / Train Stopperby Alexander Courage2:10
6.Someone Like You (Lacy's Theme)by Alexander Courage3:22
7.Jeremy's Themeby Alexander Courage2:17
8.For Real / The Classby Alexander Courage1:46
9.Hair Raisersby Alexander Courage1:02
10.Lacy / The VIsitby Alexander Courage2:30
11.First Nuclear Manby Alexander Courage5:26
12.Nuke 1 Fight / Ashesby Alexander Courage3:47
13.Headlineby Alexander Courage2:51
14.Fresh Airby Alexander Courage4:35
15.United Nations / Net Manby Alexander Courage4:45
16.Sunstroke / Enter Nuclear Man 2by Alexander Courage5:27
17.Flight to Earth / Introducing Nuclear Man 2by Alexander Courage3:28
18.Lacy (disco version)by Alexander Courage2:14
19.Lacy's Placeby Alexander Courage5:25
20.Ear Ache / Confrontation / Tornadoby Alexander Courage8:12
21.Volcanoby Alexander Courage2:20
22.Statue of Liberty Fightby Alexander Courage3:44

Disk #6

1.Nuclear Man Themeby Alexander Courage2:49
2.Down With Fluby Alexander Courage3:13
3.Two-Faced Lex/Missile Buildupby Alexander Courage1:41
4.Persuader/Awakenedby Alexander Courage3:16
5.Abducted/Mutual Distrustby Alexander Courage4:47
6.Metropolis Fight/Lift to the Moonby Alexander Courage3:38
7.Moon Fight/Goodbye Nukeby Alexander Courage5:09
8.Come Uppance/Lifted/Quarried/Flying With Jeremy/End Creditsby Alexander Courage9:40
9.Alternates and Source Music: Fresh Air (album version)by Alexander Courage4:37
10.Alternates and Source Music: Someone Like You (Lacy's Theme) (Slow version)by Alexander Courage3:36
11.Alternates and Source Music: Red Square Bandby Alexander Courage1:00
12.Source Music and Songs: Superfly Guyby Paul Fishman4:12
13.Source Music and Songs: Headphone Heavenby Paul Fishman3:25
14.Source Music and Songs: Revolution Nowby Paul Fishman4:28
15.Source Music and Songs: Saxy Sadieby Paul Fishman4:48
16.Source Music and Songs: Krypton Nightsby Paul Fishman4:46
17.Source Music and Songs: Life's Too Dangerousby Paul Fishman3:16
18.Source Music and Songs: Workoutby Paul Fishman2:29
19.Source Music and Songs: Lois Loveby Paul Fishman4:56

Disk #7

1.Main Titleby John Williams & Ron Jones1:11
2.Destroy the Defendroids: Drone / Blown Droneby Ron Jones2:13
3.Destroy the Defendroids: Talk With Lexby Ron Jones2:31
4.Destroy the Defendroids: Trouble in the Park / Fire Rescuesby Ron Jones3:24
5.Destroy the Defendroids: Supe Quits / Fake Quakeby Ron Jones2:23
6.Destroy the Defendroids: Saved From Lava / Plansby Ron Jones2:20
7.Destroy the Defendroids: Super Defendroid / Operation Nuggetby Ron Jones2:42
8.Destroy the Defendroids: Droid Wars / Warningby Ron Jones3:28
9.Destroy the Defendroids: Superman's Family Album: The Adoptionby Ron Jones4:27
10.Destroy the Defendroids: Main Title Alternate (Jones)by Ron Jones1:10
11.Fugitive From Space: Alien Discoveryby Ron Jones2:03
12.Fugitive From Space: The Suitby Ron Jones1:38
13.Fugitive From Space: Daily Planet Mystery Play-On / Jimmy and Chiefby Ron Jones1:15
14.Fugitive From Space: Kyroni Encounterby Ron Jones2:24
15.Fugitive From Space: The Planting / Ship's Logby Ron Jones2:18
16.Fugitive From Space: Something's Up #2 / Bad Guy Dialogue #1by Ron Jones1:29
17.Fugitive From Space: Trouble in Metropolisby Ron Jones0:51
18.Fugitive From Space: Aliens Take Over the Worldby Ron Jones2:10
19.Fugitive From Space: Superman's Family Album: The Supermarketby Ron Jones3:59
20.Fugitive From Space: Superman Themeby Ron Jones1:05
21.By the Skin of the Dragon's Teeth: China Play-On / Nukua's Themeby Ron Jones1:27
22.By the Skin of the Dragon's Teeth: Saboteurby Ron Jones1:38
23.By the Skin of the Dragon's Teeth: Transition #3 / Bad Guy Dialogue #6 / Dragon's Treasureby Ron Jones1:24
24.Triple-Play: Prankster's Theme / Game Montage / No Baseballby Ron Jones3:50
25.Cybron Strikes: Superman's Family Album: The First Day of Schoolby Ron Jones4:39
26.Library Music: Library Suite #1by Ron Jones4:56
27.Library Music: Library Suite #2by Ron Jones3:23
28.Library Music: Aliens Take Over the World (alternate #1: Orchestra Only)by Ron Jones2:08
29.Library Music: Library Suite #3by Ron Jones2:44
30.Library Music: Library Suite #4by Ron Jones2:03
31.Library Music: Library Suite #5by Ron Jones1:54
32.Library Music: Aliens Take Over the World (alternate #2: Strings / Synth Only)by Ron Jones1:28
33.Library Music: Library Suite #6by Ron Jones1:34
34.Library Music: Library Suite #7by Ron Jones0:36
35.Library Music: End Titleby Ron Jones0:28

Disk #8

1.Superman: The Movie: Prelude and Main Title (film version)by John Williams5:23
2.Superman: The Movie: The Flying Sequence (album version)by John Williams8:13
3.Superman: The Movie: Can You Read My Mind (original version)by John Williams2:53
4.Superman: The Movie: Can You Read My Mind (non-vocal version)by John Williams3:06
5.Superman: The Movie: Kansas High Schoolby John Williams1:59
6.Superman: The Movie: Kansas Kidsby John Williams1:51
7.Superman: The Movie: Lois Car Radioby John Williams2:05
8.Superman: The Movie: Luthor's Luauby John Williams2:49
9.Superman II: Honeymoon Hotelby John Williams3:14
10.Superman II: Country & Westernby John Williams2:10
11.Superman II: East Houston Cafeby John Williams2:17
12.Superman II: Car Radio for Ride Backby John Williams0:58
13.Superman II: Diner Jukebox #1by John Williams2:17
14.Superman II: Diner Jukebox #2by John Williams2:22
15.Superman III: Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis) (alternate)by John Williams5:29
16.Superman III: Pay Day for Gus (alternate)by John Williams0:42
17.Superman III: Colombian Storm Part 1by John Williams1:08
18.Superman III: Olympic Paradeby John Williams0:28
19.Superman III: Apres Skiby John Williams1:06
20.Rock Onby Giorgio Moroder3:43
21.No See, No Cryby Giorgio Moroder3:20
22.They Won't Get Meby Giorgio Moroder3:24
23.Love Themeby Giorgio Moroder3:16
24.Main Title Marchby John Williams4:15
There were three Superman films over the course of the years covered by this set...thankfully, they stopped before the massive mistake that was Superman IV...and though there were some big differences in the quality of the films themselves, the music has been consistently great. John Williams can honestly do no wrong, whether it's the Star Wars series or Superman, he creates classic classical music. The main Superman theme has become iconic, it has transcended the films to become instantly recognizable to fans of the character and to movie fans in general. This set is worth it for those four and a half minutes alone, and in all honesty, that may be all that you need. It's a fantastic, inspirational theme that never gets topped throughout the series. There are great bits everywhere, of course. The villains get their own themes, key moments are highlighted by energetic pieces, soft brass bits for the softer moments between Lois and Superman, but unless you are a real fan of film scores, this may be overkill. It's a must for collectors of scores or of Williams' work, and key to the history of the films, but there are few times I've found myself driving down the road and in sudden need of reliving the music of each one of Gus' actions from Superman III. So definitely get the main theme, just ask yourself how big of a fan of John Williams you are before getting the whole set. If you are a big fan, you will definitely be rewarded in this comprehensive package, as every moment feels like a piece of art...albeit one that is maybe better appreciated in the full context of the films.