Symphonic & Opera Metal, Vol. 1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Symphonic & Opera Metal, Vol. 1by Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:00


Disk #1

1.Spectresby Avantasia6:13
2.Beyondby Freedom Call7:52
3.The Second Stoneby Epica5:03
4.Neverlightby Tarja4:28
5.Lullabyby Delain4:52
6.Dreamkeeperby Xandria4:38
7.Symphony for the Quietby Serenity5:00
8.Amen & Attackby Powerwolf3:58
9.From Far Beyond Timeby Iron Savior5:19
10.Fairytaleby Elysion3:32
11.My Darkest Dreamby Arven4:54
12.Maid of Lorraineby Leaves' Eyes5:14
13.In My Veinsby Exilia3:25
14.Inner Forceby Diabulus in Musica3:47
15.Pray for Thunderby Majesty6:07
16.Diagnosisby Ayreon2:50

Disk #2

1.Symphony of the Nightby DragonForce5:22
2.Quest for the Hammer of Gloryby Gloryhammer5:38
3.Lost Boysby Tears of Martyr5:26
4.Requiemby Tristania5:29
5.Shineby Anette Olzon3:30
6.Love Decay (feat. Michelle Darkness)by Liv Kristine4:44
7.Magic Forestby Amberian Dawn4:43
8.Room 306by Trail of Tears4:20
9.Wolfpackby Voices of Destiny4:07
10.Angel of Lightby Rhapsody of Fire7:06
11.Running Lightsby Sonata Arctica4:25
12.God Rest Your Soulby Wisdom3:22
13.The Elvenwell (I Can Give You...)by Coronatus4:05
14.Destined Waysby Neopera4:32
15.The Battle of Bonchester Bridgeby Manilla Road4:31
16.Das Licht am Ende der Weltby Megaherz4:28