Television's Greatest Hits, Volume 6: Remote Control mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Television's Greatest Hits, Volume 6: Remote Controlby Various Artists

  • 65 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:14:41


1.Fishby Jack Elliott & Allyn Ferguson1:05
2.Night Courtby Jack Elliott0:43
3.What's Happening?by Henry Mancini0:56
4.Diff'rent Strokes (It Takes Diff'rent Strokes)by Alan Thicke, Gloria Loring & Al Burton0:54
5.Mr. Belvedere (According to Our New Arrivals) (feat. Leon Redbone)by Judy Hart-Angelo & Gary Portnoy0:58
6.Growing Pains (As Long as We Got Each Other) (feat. B.J. Thomas and Jennifer Warnes)by Steve Dorff1:04
7.Charles in Chargeby Timothy Thompson0:58
8.Silver Spoons (Together)by Bob Wirth And Rik Howard1:03
9.Webster (Then Came You)by Steve Nelson & Madeline Sunshine1:03
10.Too Close for Comfortby Johnny Mandel0:58
11.Who's the Boss (Brand New Life)by Robert Kraft1:02
12.Perfect Strangers (Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now) (feat. David Pomeranz)by Jesse Frederick1:16
13.Alice (There's a New Girl in Town) (feat. Linda Lavin)by David Shire1:02
14.It's a Livingby George Tipton & Leslie Bricusse1:13
15.Angie (Different Worlds) (feat. Maureen McGovern)by Norman Gimbel & Charles Fox1:21
16.227 (There's No Place Like Home) (feat. Marla Gibbs)by Ray Colcord1:02
17.The Golden Girls (Thank You for Being a Friend) (feat. Cynthia Fee)by Andrew Gold0:43
18.ALFby Alf Clausen & Tom Kramer1:11
19.Mork & Mindyby Perry Botkin Jr.1:29
20.Police Squadby Ira Newborn1:04
21.Family Ties (Without Us) (feat. Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams)by Jeff Barry & Tom Scott1:03
22.Moonlighting (feat. Al Jarreau)by Lee Holdridge1:03
23.Soapby George Tipton1:17
24.Bensonby George Tipton1:04
25.The Benny Hill Show (Yakety Sax)by Boots Randolph1:05
26.The Young Onesby Roy Bennett & Sid Tepper0:38
27.The People's Courtby Alan Tew0:45
28.Family Feudby Robert A. Israel1:07
29.The Price Is Rightby Edd Kalehoff & Robert A. Israel1:07
30.Siskel and Ebertby David Feldstein0:39
31.Monday Night Football (Superstar, a.k.a Heavy Action)by Johnny Pearson1:20
32.Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Come With Me Now)by Bill Conti1:14
33.Fame (feat. Erica Gimpel)by Michael Gore & Dean Pitchford1:13
34.Paper Chase (feat. Seals & Croft)by Norman Gimbel & Charles Fox1:16
35.Fantasy Islandby Laurence Rosenthal1:02
36.Falcon Crestby Bill Conti1:09
37.The Colbysby Bill Conti1:20
38.Highway to Heaven (Heaven)by David Rose1:40
39.The Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys)by Waylon Jennings1:03
40.B.J. and the Bear (feat. Greg Evigan)by Glen Larson1:27
41.Movin' Onby Merle Haggard1:10
42.The Fall Guy (The Unknown Stuntman) (feat. Lee Majors)by Glen A. Larson, Gail Jensen & David Sommerville1:48
43.James at 15 (It's All Up to You)by England Dan & John Ford Coley0:54
44.Eight Is Enoughby Lee Holdridge1:14
45.Baa Baa Black Sheepby Mike Post & Pete Carpenter1:17
46.Trapper John John Carl Parker1:13
47.CHiPsby John Carl Parker1:17
48.Vega$by Dominic Frontiere1:27
49.Matt Houstonby Dominic Frontiere0:59
50.Cagney & Laceyby Bill Conti1:18
51.T.J. Hookerby Mark Snow1:04
52.Hardcastle and McCormick (Drive)by Mike Post & Pete Carpenter1:03
53.Hunterby Mike Post & Pete Carpenter1:03
54.MacGyverby Randy Edelman1:11
55.Knight Riderby Stu Phillips & Glen Larson1:19
56.Airwolfby Sylvester Levay0:58
57.The Incredible Hulkby Joe Harnell1:14
58.V: The Seriesby Dennis Mccarthy1:04
59.The New Twilight Zoneby Grateful Dead0:48
60.Doctor Whoby Ron Grainer1:14
61.Mystery!by Normand Roger0:48
62.The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteriesby Stewart Phillips1:04
63.Rootsby Gerald Fried1:46
64.Vietnam: A Television Historyby Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann And Bobby Vega1:14
65.Cosmos (Heaven and Hell)by Vangelis2:37