Temple Of Knowledge: Kataklysm Part III (Re-Issue) mp3 Album by Kataklysm

Temple Of Knowledge: Kataklysm Part III (Re-Issue)by Kataklysm

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:02:39


1.The Unholy Signature (Segment I: Utterly Significant)6:19
2.Beckoning of the Xul (Segment II: In the Midst of Azonei's Dominion)5:53
3.Point of Evanesence (Segment III: Of Sheer Perseverance)3:41
4.Fathers From the Sun (Act I: The Occured Barrier)4:24
5.Enhanced by the Lore (Act II: Scholarship Ordained)3:41
6.In Parallel Horizons (Act III: Spontaneous Aura Projection)4:01
7.The Awakener (Epoch I: Summon the Legends)4:06
8.Maelstrom 2010 (Epoch II: Omens About the Great Infernos)3:21
9.Exode of Evils (Epoch III: Ladder of Thousand Parsecs)4:06
11.Mould in a Breed (demo)6:04
12.Whirlwind of Withered Blossoms (demo)5:15
13.Feeling the Neverworld (demo)5:59
14.The Orb (demo)2:33