The Belko Experiment by Tyler Bates

The Belko Experiment

by Tyler Bates

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 40:49


1.Yo Vivire (I Will Survive) [José Prieto]by Tyler Bates5:24
2.Securityby Tyler Bates1:01
3.The Building Is Sealedby Tyler Bates1:27
4.Strange Situationby Tyler Bates1:15
5.These Wallsby Tyler Bates1:09
6.Head Tagby Tyler Bates3:31
7.30 Must Dieby Tyler Bates1:47
8.California Dreamin' (Latin) [Gabriela Teran]by Tyler Bates3:35
9.Panic!by Tyler Bates2:40
10.Rooftop Anarchyby Tyler Bates1:35
11.You Can't Save Everyoneby Tyler Bates2:41
12.Hearts of Darknessby Tyler Bates2:07
13.Mass Murder In the Airby Tyler Bates2:16
14.One Body Shortby Tyler Bates2:24
15.Aftermathby Tyler Bates1:27
16.Molotov Cocktailsby Tyler Bates2:44
17.The Bigger Pictureby Tyler Bates1:14
18.California Dreamin' (Rock) [Gilberto Cerezo, Dave Lombardo & Rani Sharone]by Tyler Bates2:32