The Best Imitation Of Myself: A Retrospective mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Best Imitation Of Myself: A Retrospectiveby Various Artists

  • 61 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:52:13


Disk #1

1.Brick (radio mix)by Ben Folds Five4:34
2.Annie Waitsby Ben Folds4:16
3.Philosophyby Ben Folds Five4:32
4.Undergroundby Ben Folds Five4:14
5.Landed (strings version)by Ben Folds4:07
6.One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Facesby Ben Folds Five3:51
7.Don't Change Your Plansby Ben Folds Five5:13
8.The Luckiestby Ben Folds4:24
9.Smoke (Perch, AU 2005)by Ben Folds With The West Australian Symphony Orchestra5:34
10.Rockin' the Suburbsby Ben Folds4:59
11.Kateby Ben Folds Five3:14
12.Gracieby Ben Folds2:41
13.Still Fighting It (extended version)by Ben Folds5:06
14.You Don't Know Meby Ben Folds Featuring Regina Spektor3:12
15.There's Always Someone Cooler Than Youby Ben Folds4:13
16.Stillby Ben Folds2:40
17.From Aboveby Ben Folds Lyrics By Nick Hornby4:06
18.Houseby Ben Folds Five3:43

Disk #2

1.Julianne (Stockholm, SE 1997)by Ben Folds Five2:43
2.Video (Stockholm, SE 1997)by Ben Folds Five4:03
3.Song for the Dumped (Las Vegas, NV 1998)by Ben Folds Five5:10
4.Missing the War (London, UK 1999)by Ben Folds Five4:35
5.Mess (London, UK 1999)by Ben Folds Five4:08
6.Magic (London, UK 1999)by Ben Folds4:10
7.Selfless, Cold and Composed (New York, NY 2001)by Ben Folds5:07
8.Zak and Sara (New York, NY 2002)by Ben Folds3:37
9.Girl (New York, NY 2002)by Ben Folds2:07
10.Just Pretend (Melbourne, AU 2003)by The Bens3:08
11.Fred Jones Part 2 (Perth, AU 2005)by Ben Folds With The West Australian Symphony Orchestra3:54
12.Careless Whisper (Saratoga, CA 2005)by Ben Folds Featuring Rufus Wainwright3:37
13.All You Can Eat (Nashville, TN 2006)by Ben Folds3:07
14.Long Tall Texan (Houston, TX 2008)by Ben Folds2:11
15.Army (Chapel Hill, NC 2008)by Ben Folds Five3:26
16.Battle of Who Could Care Less (Chapel Hill, NC 2008)by Ben Folds3:23
17.Kylie From Connecticut (Detroit, MI 2008)by Ben Folds5:02
18.Effington (Seoul, KR 2001)by Ben Folds3:44
19.Picture Window (London, UK 2011)by Ben Folds Lyrics By Nick Hornby3:45
20.Sentimental Guy (Adelaide, AU 2011)by Ben Folds3:18
21.Not the Same (Adelaide, AU 2011)by Ben Folds5:38

Disk #3

1.Unrelated (unfinished song demo - 1996)by Ben Folds0:36
2.Best Imitation of Myself (demo - 1992)by Ben Folds2:50
3.Rocky (4 track home demo - 1993)by Ben Folds4:28
4.Boxing (demo - 1992)by Ben Folds4:06
5.Julianne (unreleased 1st album - 1994)by Ben Folds Five3:17
6.Evaporated (unreleased 1st album - 1994)by Ben Folds Five4:19
7.Alice Childress (KCRW sessions - 1996)by Ben Folds Five4:23
8.Barrytown ("Me, Myself, and Irene" soundtrack - 2000by Ben Folds Five3:49
9.Amelia Bright (Mitch Easter sessions - 2000)by Ben Folds Five3:23
10.Tell Me What I Didby Ben Folds Five2:50
11.Rock Star (demo - 2000)by Ben Folds3:23
12.Losing Lisa (demo - 2000)by Ben Folds3:38
13.Break Up at Food Court (demo - 2000)by Ben Folds2:53
14.Hiro's Song (demo - 2000)by Ben Folds3:37
15.Wandering (demo - 2000)by Ben Folds4:27
16.The Secret Life of Morgan (alternate mix - 2001)by Ben Folds2:41
17.Such Great Heights (alternate mix from MySpace sessions - 2006)by Ben Folds4:38
18.Bitches Ain't Shitby Ben Folds3:53
19.Time (alternate version - 2004)by Ben Folds4:02
20.Sleazy ("Download to Donate - Tsunami Relief" - 2011)by Ben Folds3:20
21.Because the Origamiby 8In84:11
22.Stumblin' Home Winter Bluesby Ben Folds Five2:57