The Best Of Bass House: Summer '20 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Best Of Bass House: Summer '20by Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:44:29


1.To The Beatby Jordan Rocks4:43
2.Drop It Downby The BlockChainer4:39
3.Check It Outby Steve Robson4:44
4.I Like My Beatby Michael Summit4:39
5.Several Days (Vip Dub Mix)by DJ Swaggy4:27
6.Turn Up The Basslineby Silicone Body4:27
7.Friends (Henrick B Jordan Dub Mix)by Sick Kids4:21
8.Get Lostby James Colyn5:09
9.Intensityby Kevin Solardo4:19
10.Desireby Fishbird4:56
11.Bring Back To Life (Dub Mix)by Junior XL4:23
12.Its Gonna Be Alright (Dub Mix)by Mike Porter3:54
13.Shuffleby Dave Delay4:10
14.Dropped Bass (Dub Mix)by Slam The Jam4:21
15.Discordby Raffael Gaudino4:40
16.Another Side (Dub Mix)by Mike Sledge4:25
17.To Get Down (Vip Dub Mix)by Ray Fishler4:54
18.Blaze Up (Martin Landers Remix)by Steve Montana4:23
19.Work Again (Vip Dub Mix)by The G-Boys4:25
20.Puzzle Flow (Vip Dub Mix)by Houze Muzzik4:25
21.The Funk Glitch (Brazilian Bass Dub Mix)by Donny Dolla4:31
22.Blow My Whisteby CamelCrush4:48
23.Goes Onby Acid Joy4:44
24.Banger (Vip Mix)by Leo Da Silva4:54
25.Lets Do It Nowby Lewis Play4:10
26.Encore Une Fois (Dub Mix)by Cevin Menace4:56
27.This Grooveby Martin Lorenzo4:14
28.Rollin Backby Martin Lean4:09
29.Check It Out (Dub Mix)by Steve Robson4:44
30.Burnin Upby Black Latte4:53
31.To the Beat (Dub Mix)by Jordan Rocks4:43
32.I Like My Beat (Dub Mix)by Michael Summit4:39
33.Burnin Upby Black Latte4:53
34.Drop It Down (Dub Mix)by The BlockChainer4:39
35.Thang Lowby Pablo Conti4:12
36.Waiting So Long (Dub Mix)by Serge Devine4:56