The Best of Ken Boothe mp3 Artist Compilation by Ken Boothe

The Best of Ken Bootheby Ken Boothe

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:59:58


Disk #1

1.Everything I Own3:44
2.Silver Words2:35
3.I Wish It Could Be Peaceful Again3:46
5.Lady With the Starlight2:42
6.Let's Get It On3:03
7.Speak Softly Love2:58
8.Why Baby Why2:18
9.Can't Fight Me Down2:31
10.Make Me Feel Alright2:23
11.Is It Because I'm Black3:41
12.So Nice2:20
13.It's Gonna Take a Miracle2:24
14.You Left the Water Running2:05
15.Live Good3:17
16.Let Go3:47
17.Your Feeling and Mine2:14
18.Left With a Broken Heart3:33
19.You're No Good4:41
20.Who Gets Your Love3:12

Disk #2

1.Crying Over You3:24
2.Freedom Street2:46
3.Old Fashioned Way2:34
4.Say You2:44
6.(That's the Way) Nature Planned It2:42
7.Now I Know2:28
8.Can't You See2:51
9.You Send Me2:48
10.Satta Massagana3:52
11.Ain't No Sunshine2:16
12.Keep My Love from Fading2:22
13.The One That I Love2:21
15.I'm Not for Sale2:54
16.Freedom Day3:28
17.Drums of Freedom2:51
19.Got to Get Away6:16
20.Moving Away3:12