The Best of Thunderdome mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Best of Thunderdomeby Various Artists

  • 93 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:51:08


Disk #1

1.Something Bigger (Here We Go Again mix)by DJ Dano3:21
2.Lovely Ugly Brutal Worldby Mike Ink & The Chain of Brotherhood3:40
3.The Techno God (Hell remix)by The Prophet3:33
4.Speedy Gonzalesby Scarface3:32
5.Weekendby NIP Collective3:30
6.Ritmo Del Diavoloby Control DC3:31
7.Fuck Themby Human Resource3:04
8.One Hundred Two Hundredby Simstim3:26
9.3 the Hard Wayby The Dreamteam3:27
10.RAWby Lenny Dee3:13
11.Achtung (Speedy remix)by T.O.P.D.R.O.P.3:31
12.Live in The Burg (Team Spirit)by The Dreamteam3:32
13.Welcome to the Thunderdomeby DJ Dano3:26
14.Necronomiconby Mutoïd3:09
15.Introby [unknown]0:17
16.Therapiaby Ramirez2:11
17.La Ondaby Kuadra0:58 DJ Hooligan1:48
19.Rave Cityby Yves Deruyter1:59
20.Bonzai Channel Oneby Thunderball1:47
21.The Fly Is Deadby Swat1:45
22.White Line Cocainby Michael Whiteline2:10
23.Demilitarized Zoneby DJ Bountyhunter1:02
24.D-Leriaby Buzz Fuzz2:36
25.Right Is Wrongby Jean Sibart & Joel Trambel2:43
26.Blood of an English Muffinby English Muffin0:47
27.Motherfuckers You're Gonna Dieby 3 Steps Ahead1:51
28.Beineby Dr. Mindfuck1:46
29.Dominatinby The Prophet1:39
30.Nonshlen Tustokken (Ode to Vortex)by Riot Squad1:41
31.Outroby [unknown]0:18

Disk #2

1.Cold's Getting Bigger (meets The Stunned Guys)by DJ Lancinhouse3:34
2.Drop It (original mix)by 3 Steps Ahead3:37
3.Ruff'n Ruggnby Lock Jaw3:18
4.The Mad Oneby Marc Smith3:19
5.Bad Dreams (remix)by DJ Isaac3:10
6.Cheese 'n Beats (and DJ Paul)by Scott Brown3:52
7.Make You Danceby Bodylotion3:28
8.This Is How It Startedby DJ Waxweazle & Guitar Rob3:29
9.Young Birdsby DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski3:15
10.Looped (mix)by Private Productions3:05
11.Pump Up the Bassby Buzz Fuzz3:15
12.Straight of the Dance Floorby DJ Sim3:20
13.Jazz Sacrilegeby Wasting Program3:13
14.Should I Say Fuck Itby The Washington Affair4:05
15.Megamix (Intro)by [unknown]0:15
16.XTC Loveby Bertocucci Feranzano2:07
17.Pussycatby Vanugenth the 5th1:52
18.Mind of a Lunaticby Predator1:51
19.Jieehaaaaby Diss Reaction1:13
20.Go With the Flowby Jeremy1:44
21.Pessa Pessaby Masoko Solo1:40
22.Go Get Busyby DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim2:21
23.Play My Gameby DJ Paul Elstak1:48
24.I'm a Thunderdome Babyby Gabbaheads2:08
25.Get Me Sexyby The Ender1:42
26.Get Busytimeby The Scotchman1:54
27.I Wanna Be a Hippyby Technohead1:33
28.Psychotic Break (Lenny Dee mix)by Critical Mass2:16
29.Hardcoreby 3 Steps Ahead2:16
30.House Timeby The Prophet1:17
31.Mad as Hellby Ralphie Dee2:04

Disk #3

1.The Way We Rocked It (Live in N.Y.C.)by DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob3:47
2.Jungle Sicknessby Miss Groovy3:52
3.Addicted 2 Raves (D.J. Buzz Fuzz MIX)by Duo Pennoti4:07
4.Open Your Eyez!by DJ Weirdo & DJ Delirium3:46
5.Jesus Wordsby Baba Nation4:06
6.Our House Is Your Houseby E-Rick & Tactic3:05
7.Immortalityby Buzz Fuzz & DJ Delirium3:06
8.Back Watcherby Kool Killers2:51
9.Please Paiby DJ Jordens3:02
10.Chemical Overdriveby Buzz Fuzz2:54
11.Code Redby DJ Paul Elstak3:02
12.Hardcore Powerby Demonax3:38
13.Natural Born Killerby Dominion3:25
14.In Control, in Effectby The Controllers3:12
15.Megamix (Intro)by [unknown]0:24
16.Viva La Franceby Naked Steal1:36
17.Short Fuseby The New York Terrorist1:31
18.Young Birdsby DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski2:09
19.Bad Boyby Nitrogen1:47
20.Name Of The DJby Chosen Few2:03
21.Loud And Proudby DJ Rob1:45
22.Gabbers Uniteby 3 Steps Ahead2:10
23.The Beat Is Flownby DJ Rob1:44
24.You're Dealing Withby Rotterdam Terror Corps1:42
25.Doo-Dey (DJ Dione Remix)by Trancehistory2:39
26.Drop Itby 3 Steps Ahead1:52
27.Search And Destroyby Miss Groovy1:34
28.Get On The Moveby Carlos Masserati2:20
29.Ecstasy, You Got What I Needby Rob Gee2:10
30.Happy Is Voor Hobo'sby Bodylotion1:27
31.In The Name Of Loveby 3 Steps Ahead1:08