The Black Parade mp3 Album by My Chemical Romance
  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:59


1.The End.1:53
3.This Is How I Disappear3:59
4.The Sharpest Lives3:21
5.Welcome To The Black Parade5:11
6.I Don't Love You3:59
7.House Of Wolves3:04
13.Famous Last Words4:59
I enjoy listening to The Black Parade. This album is easy to sing along to, if you enjoy singing along to songs. "Dead!" is by far my favorite song on this album. It's actually pretty cool how MCR makes so called sad songs like that cheery (Just listen to "Dead!", or "Blood" and you'll understand). "Welcome To The Black Parade" (or just called "The Black Parade"), I'd say, is one of their best known and most popular song on this album. It tells a story, like mentioned previously by Guy Gibson. Some of their songs change pace, and you sometimes forget that you are listening to the same song ("Black Parade", "Famous Last Words"). Other songs, such as "I Don't Love You", or "Famous Last Words", are sang with emotion, which is nice, and not just a bunch of mumbled words thrown together that make no sense. I also really love their hidden track, "Blood". It made me smile. :) So, this is a nice, varied album full of great tunes.
Guy Gibson
This album is fantastic! Not only is the music listenable, but the album is quite deep and tells a story. Due to the genre it isn't exactly "Catchy" per-say, but even on songs like "Dead!" you can regularly find yourself singing along. Brilliant!