The Bridge School Collection, Volume 1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Bridge School Collection, Volume 1by Various Artists

  • 80 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 6:03:33


Disk #1

1.It's All Been Done (Live)by Barenaked Ladies3:17
2.Jane (Live)by Barenaked Ladies5:26
3.Burn One Down / With My Own Two Hands (Live)by Ben Harper6:26
4.In the Lord's Arms (Live)by Ben Harper3:19
5.There Will Be a Light (Live)by Ben Harper3:45
6.Whipping Boy (Live)by Ben Harper4:52
7.For What It's Worth (Live)by Billy Idol3:30
8.Rebel Yell (Live)by Billy Idol5:28
9.Home (Live)by Bonnie Raitt3:26
10.The Road Is My Middle Name (Live)by Bonnie Raitt4:12
11.True Blue (Live)by Bright Eyes4:40
12.We Are Nowhere, and It's Now (Live)by Bright Eyes4:18
13.Murder Tonight In the Trailer Park (Live)by Cowboy Junkies4:33
14.Sun Comes Up It's Tuesday Morning (Live)by Cowboy Junkies4:27

Disk #2

1.Just a Song Before I Go (Live)by Crosby, Stills & Nash2:34
2.Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Live)by Crosby, Stills & Nash9:25
3.The Lee Shore (Live)by Crosby, Stills & Nash4:00
4.This Old House (Live)by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young5:03
5.Crash (Live)by Dave Matthews5:35
6.Warehouse (Live)by Dave Matthews Band8:01
7.Better Man (Live)by Eddie Vedder4:13
8.Love Hurts (Live)by Emmylou Harris3:08
9.Prayer In Open D (Live)by Emmylou Harris4:39
10.Sweet Old World (Live)by Emmylou Harris4:19
11.The Maker (Live)by Emmylou Harris & Daniel Lanois6:10
12.I'll Tell Him Tonight (Live)by Hayden3:37
13.I'm to Blame (Live)by Hayden2:29
14.Hannah Jane (Live)by Hootie & The Blowfish3:48

Disk #3

1.Let It Breathe (Live)by Hootie & The Blowfish3:51
2.Closer to Fine (Live)by Indigo Girls4:14
3.Get Out the Map (Live)by Indigo Girls3:15
4.Gone (Live)by Jack Johnson1:59
5.Carolina In My Mind (Live)by James Taylor4:54
6.Copperline (Live)by James Taylor4:21
7.Fire and Rain (Live)by James Taylor4:28
8.Something In the Way She Moves (Live)by James Taylor3:17
9.Trains (Live)by Jill Sobule3:46
10.Rebellious (Live)by Kacy Crowley4:32
11.Scars (Live)by Kacy Crowley4:06
12.Crazy Dream (Live)by Los Lonely Boys4:45
13.Heaven (Live)by Los Lonely Boys5:20

Disk #4

1.Perfect Day (Live)by Lou Reed4:13
2.Vicious (Live)by Lou Reed6:44
3.Bring Me Some Water (Live)by Melissa Etheridge4:06
4.You Can Sleep While I Drive (Live)by Melissa Etheridge4:01
5.Fade to Black (Live)by Metallica8:35
6.The Four Horsemen (Live)by Metallica6:00
7.Comes a Time / Sugar Mountain (Live)by Neil Young10:22
8.Cortez the Killer (Live)by Neil Young & Dave Matthews Band15:53
9.Creepin' In (Live)by Norah Jones3:32
10.Nearness of You (Live)by Norah Jones2:25
11.Wing (Live)by Patti Smith4:42
12.Corduroy (Live)by Pearl Jam4:45
13.Nothing As It Seems (Live)by Pearl Jam5:52

Disk #5

1.So I Am Over You (Live)by Pete Droge3:47
2.Straylin Street (Live)by Pete Droge4:43
3.Everybody Hurts (Live)by R.E.M.6:10
4.I've Been High (Live)by R.E.M.3:30
5.Losing My Religion (Live)by R.E.M.4:36
6.The One I Love (Live)by R.E.M.3:32
7.Beverly Hills (Live)by Red Hot Chili Peppers2:27
8.Californication (Live)by Red Hot Chili Peppers5:33
9.I Just Want Something to Do (Live)by Red Hot Chili Peppers3:05
10.Road Trippin' (Live)by Red Hot Chili Peppers3:09
11.Oh My Sweet Carolina (Live)by Ryan Adams5:03
12.The Fools We Are As Men (Live)by Ryan Adams3:55
13.Elsewhere (Live)by Sarah Mclachlan4:32

Disk #6

1.Ice Cream (Live)by Sarah Mclachlan2:50
2.To Sheila (Live)by Smashing Pumpkins4:58
3.Walking With a Ghost (Live) (and Sara)by Tegan2:44
4.When I Get Up (Live) (and Sara)by Tegan2:46
5.You Wouldn't Like Me (Live) (and Sara)by Tegan3:03
6.Neil (Live)by Tenacious D3:17
7.After the Gold Rush (Live)by Thom Yorke3:57
8.Street Spirit (Live)by Thom Yorke4:28
9.Innocent When You Dream (Live)by Tom Waits5:32
10.Bob Dylan's 49th Beard (Live)by Wilco2:26
11.Company In My Back (Live)by Wilco3:43
12.Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys (Live)by Willie Nelson2:38
13.Time Slips Away / Crazy (Live)by Willie Nelson4:31