The Capitol Years mp3 Artist Compilation by The Kingston Trio

The Capitol Yearsby The Kingston Trio

  • 107 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:01:17


Disk #1

1.Run Joe2:34
2.Fast Freight5:15
3.Tom Dooley3:04
4.Sloop John B3:32
5.Dodi Lil2:13
6.New York Girls2:33
7.They Call the Wind Maria4:33
8.Shady Grove / Lonesome Traveler3:17
9.Little Maggie2:27
10.Bay Of Mexico3:34
11.Acoss The Wide Missouri3:54
12.Scotch And Soda2:16
13.Pay Me My Money Down2:22
14.Tijuana Jail2:51
16.All My Sorrows2:48
17.Good News2:01
18.Remember The Alamo3:01
19.Molly Dee1:46
20.The Unfortunate Miss Bailey2:10
21.Sail Away Ladies2:30
22.A Worried Man2:55
23.The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up2:26
24.The Kingston Trio Sings For 7-Up2:03

Disk #2

1.El Matador2:27
2.The Mountain O'mourne2:52
3.Home From the Hill2:23
4.The Wolrld's Last Authentic Playboy2:42
5.Raspberries, Strawberries2:14
7.Green Grasses2:23
8.With You, My Johnny2:25
9.Bad Man's Blunder2:38
10.The Escape of Old John Webb2:32
11.Colorado Trail2:50
12.Buddy Better Get on Down the Line2:22
13.Coast of California2:39
14.Bye Bye Thou Little Tiny Child2:59
15.A Round About Christmas1:31
16.Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies2:52
17.Bonny Hielan' Laddie2:47
18.The River Is Wide3:38
19.Don't You Weep Mary2:16
20.Sea Fever2:58
21.The Golden Spike1:49
22.Mary Was Pretty2:04
23.The Wines of Maderia3:02
25.Adieu to My Island2:43
26.It Was a Very Good Year3:22
27.You're Gonna Miss Me2:44
28.Bonnie Ship, the Diamond2:32
29.Come Along Julie2:29

Disk #3

1.Coming From the Mountains2:25
2.Oh, Sail Away3:13
3.Take Her Out of Pity2:38
4.The Whistling Gypsy3:05
5.Nothing More to Look Foreward To2:27
6.Weeping Willow3:21
7.Jesse James2:37
8.Where Have All the Flowers Gone3:03
9.Little Light3:01
10.Chilly Winds2:39
11.Oh Miss Mary3:06
12.Roddy McCorley2:55
13.500 Miles3:03
14.Goin' Away for to Leave You2:31
15.Old Kentucky Land2:00
17.One More Town3:11
18.Away Rio2:55
19.Pullin' Away3:16
20.All the Good Times3:22
21.Darlin' Are You Dreaming3:02
22.Allentown Jail2:29
23.Greenback Dollar2:51
24.Honey' Are You Mad at Your Man2:10
25.The Long Black Vail2:29
26.Genny Glenn2:33
27.The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)2:52
28.The New Frontier2:22

Disk #4

1.The Reverend Mr. Black3:07
2.Road to Freedom2:17
3.River Run Down2:54
4.One More Round2:49
5.Run the Ridges2:45
6.Love Has Gone3:17
7.Try to Remember3:09
8.Mark Twain2:37
9.Desert Pete2:37
10.Ballad of the Tresher3:07
11.Two-ten, Six-eighteen2:55
12.Those Who Are Wise2:51
14.The Patriot Game2:45
15.Coal Tattoo2:33
16.Hobo's Lullaby3:14
17.Seasons in the Sun2:53
18.Song for a Friend2:35
19.Four Strong Winds2:53
20.Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream2:08
22.Let's Get Together2:30
23.Hard, Ain't It Hard3:37
24.Reuben James3:20
25.Pullin' Away4:13
26.Farewell Captain5:05

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