The Columbia Albums Collectiön mp3 Artist Compilation by Blue Öyster Cult

The Columbia Albums Collectiönby Blue Öyster Cult

  • 192 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 15:23:10


Disk #1

1.Transmaniacon MC3:21
2.I'm on the Lamb but I Ain't No Sheep3:10
3.Then Came the Last Days of May3:31
4.Stairway to the Stars3:43
5.Before the Kiss, a Redcap4:59
7.She's as Beautiful as a Foot2:58
8.Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll4:03
9.Workshop of the Telescopes4:01
11.Donovan's Monkey (demo)3:49
12.What Is Quicksand (demo)3:40
13.A Fact About Sneakers (demo)2:51
14.Betty Lou's Got a New Pair of Shoes (demo)2:33

Disk #2

1.The Red & The Black4:24
2.O.D.'d on Life Itself4:48
3.Hot Rails to Hell5:12
4.7 Screaming Diz-Busters7:01
5.Baby Ice Dog3:28
6.Wings Wetted Down4:12
7.Teen Archer3:57
8.Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)5:09
9.Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll (live)4:44
10.Buck's Boogie (studio version)5:22
11.7 Screaming Diz-Busters (live)14:01
12.O.D.'d on Life Itself (live)4:53

Disk #3

1.Career of Evil4:00
3.Dominance and Submission5:23
4.ME 2624:48
5.Cagey Cretins3:17
6.Harvester of Eyes4:41
7.Flaming Telepaths5:20
9.Boorman the Chauffer3:13
11.Mes Dames Sarat4:06
12.Born to Be Wild (studio version)3:41
13.Career of Evil (single version)3:00

Disk #4

1.The Subhuman7:30
2.Harvester of Eyes4:57
3.Hot Rails to Hell5:39
4.The Red & The Black4:33
5.Seven Screaming Dizbusters8:49
6.Buck's Boogie7:13
7.Last Days of May4:37
8.Cities on Flame4:05
9.ME 2628:22
10.Before the Kiss (A Redcap)5:12
11.Maserati GT (I Ain't Got You)8:59
12.Born to Be Wild6:28

Disk #5

1.This Ain't the Summer of Love2:21
2.True Confessions2:57
3.(Don't Fear) The Reaper5:08
4.E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)3:43
5.The Revenge of Vera Gemini3:52
6.Sinful Love3:29
7.Tattoo Vampire2:41
8.Morning Final4:30
10.Debbie Denise4:13
11.Fire of Unknown Origin (original version)3:30
12.Sally (demo)2:40
13.(Don't Fear) The Reaper (demo)6:20
14.Dance the Night Away (demo)2:37

Disk #6

2.Golden Age of Leather5:53
3.Death Valley Nights4:09
4.Searchin' For Celine3:37
6.R. U. Ready 2 Rock3:45
7.Celestial the Queen3:26
8.Goin' Through the Motions3:12
9.I Love the Night4:25
11.Night Flyer3:49
12.Dial M for Murder3:11
13.Please Hold2:47
14.Be My Baby3:01

Disk #7

1.R. U. Ready 2 Rock6:08
2.E. T. I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)5:18
4.Kick Out the Jams3:07
6.(Don't Fear) The Reaper6:11
7.We Gotta Get Out of This Place4:35
8.ME 2623:24
9.Harvester of Eyes4:35
10.Hot Rails to Hell5:01
11.(This Ain't the) Summer of Love2:48
12.5 Guitars8:34
13.Born to Be Wild6:34
14.We Gotta Get Out of This Place (alternate version)4:36

Disk #8

1.Dr. Music3:14
2.The Great Sun Jester4:51
3.In Thee3:50
5.Moon Crazy4:07
6.The Vigil6:28
7.I Am the Storm3:45
8.You're Not the One (I Was Looking For)3:17
9.Lonely Teardrops3:42

Disk #9

1.Black Blade6:39
3.Divine Wind5:10
5.The Marshall Plan5:28
6.Hungry Boys3:41
7.Fallen Angel3:15
8.Lips in the Hills4:26
9.Unknown Tongue3:58

Disk #10

1.Fire of Unknown Origin4:12
2.Burnin' for You4:31
3.Veteran of the Psychic Wars4:50
4.Sole Survivor4:07
5.Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver3:19
6.Vengeance (The Pact)4:41
7.After Dark4:26
8.Joan Crawford4:54
9.Don't Turn Your Back4:08

Disk #11

1.Dominance and Submission5:54
2.Cities on Flame5:16
3.Dr. Music3:38
4.The Red and the Black4:37
5.Joan Crawford5:17
6.Burnin' for You4:52
7.Roadhouse Blues (feat. Robby Krieger)9:05
8.Black Blade6:16
9.Hot Rails to Hell5:03
11.Veteran of the Psychic Wars8:07
12.E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)5:21
13.(Don't Fear) The Reaper6:36

Disk #12

1.Take Me Away4:32
2.Eyes on Fire3:57
3.Shooting Shark7:10
5.Shadow of California5:10
6.Feel the Thunder5:49
7.Let Go3:26
8.Dragon Lady4:09
9.Light Years of Love4:06

Disk #13

1.White Flags4:43
2.Dancin' In the Ruins4:01
3.Make Rock Not War3:58
4.Perfect Water5:32
5.Spy in the House of the Night4:22
6.Beat 'em Up3:25
7.When the War Comes6:05
8.Shadow Warrior5:42
9.Madness to the Method7:28

Disk #14

1.I Am the One You Warned Me Of5:06
2.Les Invisibles5:34
3.In the Presence of Another World6:28
4.Del Rio's Song5:37
5.The Siege and Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein's Castle at Weisseria6:45
7.Magna of Illusion5:59
8.Blue Öyster Cult7:18

Disk #15

1.Stairway to the Stars (live)4:06
2.The Red & The Black (live)4:37
3.Buck's Boogie (live)5:19
4.Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll (live)4:45
5.Workshop of the Telescopes (live)3:49
6.Dr. Music (live)4:08
7.The Vigil (live)7:22
8.The Great Sun Jester (live)5:48
9.In Thee (live)3:51
10.Mirrors (live)4:43
11.Steppin' Razor (rehearsal demo)2:51
12.Godzilla (live, mono version)3:55
13.Double Talk (demo)3:49
14.Rebel (demo)3:56
15.Summa Cum Laude (demo)4:23
16.I'm on the Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep (demo)2:58
17.John L. Sullivan (demo)1:36
18.I Want You (She's So Heavy) (live)5:55
19.Stephen King Spoken Intro0:49

Disk #16

1.Intro/Dr. Music4:25
2.Lips in the Hills4:56
3.Before the Kiss, a Redcap6:17
4.7 Screaming Diz-Busters10:43
5.Workshop of the Telescopes3:31
6.It's Not Easy8:31
7.Wings of Mercury4:45
8.Arthur Comics3:15
9.Black Blade8:41
10.Joan Crawford5:05
11.5 Guitars (Golden Age of Leather)5:17
12.Dancin' in the Ruins4:14
13.Take Me Away7:15